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Basic Yoga Exercises That Can Help You Beat The Heat This Summer!

Looking for ways to make the summer heat bearable? Here are all the asanas that’ll help!
Published -07 Apr 2022, 13:37 ISTUpdated -07 Apr 2022, 13:49 IST
Yoga Tips to Beat the Heat

Exercise and working out take a little back seat when the summer season comes up. This is the weather that makes you lethargic, and inactive and you have to really push yourself to do some physical activity. Along with exercise, it is very much necessary to replenish your body with loads of fluids, byways of increasing our water intake and consumption of fruits, avoiding spices, etc. Another smart way to avoid the sluggishness in your body, beat the heat, and take care of your health all in one stroke, is practicing yoga. We are going to share a few yoga poses that are just perfect for this season to help keep the body and mind calm. Yoga offers special ways which can keep your body cool and also keep you safe from the harsh summer heat. Yoga is one field that needs no introduction and serves as the solution to all health problems from mental to physical. 

Our Yoga expert, Mr. Abhishek Otwal, a Yoga Trainer authorized in Ashtanga yoga & Power Yoga, is here is to tell us about some basic yoga asanas that will help you beat the summer heat!

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The heat and accompanying tension in your body can lead to stiffness in your neck and back. Sometimes this can lead to blocking our chakras, thereby trapping heat in our bodies. Doing the marjaria asana, can help relieve their neck stiffness and release the heat as well.


Simhasana is also known as the destroyer of all diseases. The asana signifies a roaring lion. It is an easy and comfortable pose that usually takes about 30 seconds to do. It is always recommended to perform it in the morning with an empty stomach. It relieves all the tension in your body and specifically on the face and in the chest. It helps to improvise the blood circulation in the face. We should do this in summer as it also keeps a sore throat and bad breath away.

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This asana helps you to relax the spine completely, it allows your body to switch from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic state of the nervous system which will help you to cool down. Merudand asana can be a valuable addition to the summer yoga routine.

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Viparita Karani 

If there is one yoga pose that is everyone’s favorite, this is the one; legs Up the Wall. It is one of the best cooling asanas which you can practice. This pose can alleviate stress, and headaches, improve digestion, and reduce swelling, which is a common problem in the summer season. Further, by sending blood to the core, Viparita Karani also gives your heart a break from working so hard to pump blood throughout the body, slowing the heart rate and calming your mind and body.


Sukhasana is done by sitting in a comfortable position, ideally, it should be done with some back support. Deep breathing while doing this asana relaxes your spine and whole body. Sukhasana helps you to calm the nervous system by placing your body and mind in a very cool state. One can feel their breath while practicing this asana. An add-on tip would be to practice Sitali breathing in this asana. This can help in improving Pitta dosha imbalance, which is surely believed to be common in this hot weather.

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This is also a very easy yoga asana that should be done by beginners and also an important addition to yoga for hot weather. Shavasana releases tension from your body, deep breathing allows you to relax the nervous system and instantly reduces body temperature as well. This is ideally done towards the end of a yoga session.

Any form of exercise can seem unappealing or daunting in summer due to the heat but yoga is a great way to stay healthy in this weather. In addition to different yoga poses and asanas, meditation is also one the valuable additions to your everyday routine and it should be practiced jointly. If you continue to maintain a healthy diet and practice these cooling summer yoga poses then it can surely help significantly reduce the likelihood of health conditions.

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