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    Dear Men, Here Are 10 Reasons Why Women Want & Have Sex

    Sex results in happy hormones that can burst stress and induce sleep. Why would women not want to have it? 
    • Krati Purwar
    • Editorial
    Updated at - 2023-01-13,09:22 IST
    why do women have sex

    Have you ever heard that men have needs? Well, women have them too. Have you been in an argument with an elderly person, who presented physical needs as an argument to get married? Well, that is a two-way street too.

    Sex is a crucial part of human existence. It is not only men who feel sexually charged (horny), it happens to women too. Society thinks that women have sex only either to serve their husbands or to create babies. 

    Well, if you have been living in this metaphorical bubble, you know nothing, not even as much as Jon Snow knew in Game of Thrones. As the iconic Vidya Balan said it, “Women like it, want it, need it as much as men do”

    Dear men (and society), here are 10 reasons why women want and have sex.

    We Want To

    women want to have sex

    We have sex because we want to. There is no simpler reason than this. We like it, crave it and want to have it. Do you remember a time in the existence of humans when men were the only creatures having sex? No, because there is no such thing like that.

    So, you should know that women too have needs. If they are comfortable with their partners, women openly express their need to have sex. If and when we want it, we can ask for it. 

    To Explore Our Sexuality

    Society has a narrow and limited understanding of sexuality and people often explore to figure out what floats their boat. Women too can have sex to explore their sexualities. We would also like to figure out what we like as well as what does not work for us and fulfil our fantasies. 

    Sexuality is a broad term that also includes themes of emotional connections, self-identification, and self-exploration.

    For Pleasure

    women have sex for pleasure

    Sex is for pleasure, as simple as that. Like men get pleasure from coitus, women do the same. However, if you are not paying heed to the erogenous zones of the body, then you are depriving your partner of the most fun part of the sex.

    Here we are not emphasising on the climax but also the foreplay. The climax is important but it is the foreplay that gets the motor going mostly. 

    To Relieve Menstrual Cramps

    Orgasms can relieve menstrual cramps. Several studies have proved this. Women experience cramps sometimes before and in the middle of their menstrual cycle. In such cases, sex can be a good way to find relief from all the pain and mood swings.

    To Release Happy Hormones

    When you have sex, the body releases happy hormones called endorphins. Therefore, you feel happy, content and satisfied after sex. Women have intercourse for the same reason. The physical act of love makes them feel happy.

    To Feel Confident

    women have sex for validation

    We can talk about self-love all we want, but we cannot deny the fact that having sex boosts confidence. A simple reason behind it is that during the act you stop worrying about how you look.

    It boosts your confidence. Good or bad, we all seek validation from our partners and the people around us. Being intimate with someone can make us feel more comfortable in our own skin.

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    To Bust Stress

    When you get intimate with someone, you almost forget everything that is happening around you or affecting you. And as soon as the happy hormones are released in the body, you experience relief from stress. It is another reason why many single people prefer self-pleasure.

    To Have Kids

    In a way, kids are byproducts of sex. Yes, women also have sex to conceive children, but it is not the sole reason for getting intimate with someone. 

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    For Better Sleep

    women have sex to sleep

    When you are finally stress-free and feeling happy, it gets easier to doze off. In fact, that is all anyone would like to do after a pleasurable round of intercourse. Scientifically, sex has been proven to induce sleep. It is another reason why people masturbate before sleep.

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    To Be Intimate

    Sex is the ultimate way to connect with your partner. Hence, women also have sex to make a connection with their significant other. It enhances the emotional connection and who doesn’t like some cuddle time after the climax?




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