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Heal Through Aquatic Therapy If You Have PCOD, Stress And More

Women experience fluctuations in their hormones almost constantly and predominantly and suffer from various health conditions. Dr. Amit Kohli, Co-foun...
Published -24 Dec 2018, 21:00 ISTUpdated -24 Dec 2018, 16:12 IST
  • Kishori Sud
  • Her Zindagi Editorial
  • Published -24 Dec 2018, 21:00 ISTUpdated -24 Dec 2018, 16:12 IST
healing aquatic therapy

With age, the body changes and so do the hormones. Women experience fluctuations in their hormones almost constantly and predominantly and suffer from various health conditions. Dr. Amit Kohli, Co-founder and Chief Physiotherapist at AquaCentric, Mumbai, told HerZindagi that one way to deal with it all is Aquatic Therapy. 

Today Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) is found common among members of the younger generation, with almost 10 million people affected globally. Its worldwide prevalence varies from 2.2 per cent to 26 per cent and, according to the latest statistics, in India, one in every four young women is said to have PCOD. The disease is said to affect the urban population more than the rural population, which means, the more educated we become and improve our socio-economic status, the more we are getting prone to an unhealthier lifestyle.

pcod aquatic therapy

In today’s fast-paced life women are trying to cope up with their health, wellness and fitness needs with the help of all modern day techniques available and affordable. The efforts don’t always pay off but build mental stress and this stress then translates into various long-term effects such as irregular menstrual patterns, skin reactions, emotional conditions such as depression and irritability, sleep problems and lowered immune response.

 stress aquatic therapy

Going to the gym or training in cross-fit to keep yourself in shape does seem great until it makes your body sore and fatigued after the sessions. People also end up with injuries and sometimes and are unable to walk for a day or two adding to the physical stress on your body.

With these stress factors affecting a woman’s body and mind, a therapy wherein the body is cured of ailments and also prevented from forthcoming issues is needed.

Aquatic therapy Helps Irregular Cycles

PCOD is on the rise and women suffering from it have irregular periods; the main factor that contributes to this is being overweight. Engaging in aquatic therapy lets you tackle these problems. Instead of harsh dieting and losing weight at once, aquatic therapy and the exercises performed under water helps in increasing insulin sensitivity thus improving the frequency of ovulation.

Here are a few other reasons why you must consider aquatic therapy as a way to improve your quality of life:

Reduced Activity

The world around us has reduced us to a state of inactivity. The chance to walk or physically engage your body inactivity has been reduced. This causes our muscles to get stiff, increases risks of developing high blood pressure, and also heightens risks of certain cancers. In older women, physical inactivity may increase risks and injuries. With Aquatic therapy, exercising in water is proved to engage your body even more than exercising on land. When the body works against the pressure of the water it actively engages your cardio-vascular strength. For stress on joints and muscles, the property of buoyancy of water is actively used as water reduces your body weight by 90% hence releasing the pressure on your joints.

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Pre & Post Pregnancy Care

post pregnancy aquatic therapy

The body goes through innumerable changes during pregnancy. The effects of these changes sum up to fluctuating energy levels, swollen legs, vaginal pain to name a few. The wise option would be to prepare your body while you’re planning to have a baby. Aquatic therapy helps strengthen your pelvic floor muscles pre and post pregnancy to avoid a pelvic organ prolapse which is caused by overstretching of the pelvic muscles. Exercising in water post pregnancy is the best option as water provides for gentle and progressive resistance to aquatic exercises.

Rehabilitation After Surgery

Water consists of various properties such as buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure which helps to regain or improve balance, proprioception, trunks musculature, promotes ambulation, ROM, functional mobility, strength and also increases personal confidence. Women go through various gynaecological surgeries as need be which is followed by the body adapting to these surgeries, that might be painful and difficult. At such times being mentally and physically healthy is of utmost importance. Aqua therapy will take care of your body through its gentle form of treatment. The turbulence by the aqua treatment which operates at various speeds helps improve your core stability and balance especially after you’ve gone through a surgery. The warm pools ensure relaxation and pain reduction and rejuvenate your body.

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