Vitamin D plays a pivotal role for normal growth of bones and teeth. Lack of vitamin D can lead to many serious problems. What are these problems and how to identify? Here are five signs why your body is in serious need of vitamin D. These early signs can help you detect the deficiency on time.

What is vitamin D? This unique vitamin is quite different from rest of the vitamins as it functions as a hormone. You need to consume avocado, chicken and peanut butter to fulfill the deficiency of vitamin D.


vitamin d deficiency tired inside

Do you get tired more often? It could be due to the lack of vitamin D. Low blood levels can cause fatigue and many severe effects on our body. Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiency is often overlooked by most of the people. How to cure? Taking vitamin D supplements can help improve energy levels. Consult your doctor. 

Bones/Muscle Pain

vitamin d deficiency bones inside

Vitamin D is a major source of maintaining healthy bones as it improves absorption of calcium in our body. Are you suffering from back pain? It could be a sign of vitamin D. There should be adequate amount of vitamin D in our blood levels. As per the studies, association between vitamin D and back pain in more than 9,000 older women.


vitamin d deficiency cold inside

Women with low levels of vitamin D are more prone to stress. Yes, you read it right. Lack of vitamin D plays a crucial role in stress and mood fluctuations. Is it one of the reasons of your stress? Consult your doctor for a quick advice. Sunlight exposure and including vitamin D in your daily diet will also help.

Low Immunity

vitamin d deficiency sick inside

Vitamin D keeps your immunity system healthy and all in place. It gives you the strength to fight against viruses and bacteria. Do you fall sick often, especially with cold or flu? Vitamin D could be one of the factors. Every seasonal change can impact severely on your body. In all probability, this is the single most important reason, responsible for frequent illnesses.

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Slow Wound Healing

Slow healing of wounds could be due to the lack of vitamin D. As per the studies, vitamin D helps in controlling inflammation and fighting infections for proper healing of wounds. Are your wounds taking longer time to heal? Consult your doctor right away.