Breast pain is something that women of all ages experience. There could be many reasons for this ranging from cysts, to breast cancer to menopause to an ill-fitted bra and even some medications could be the reason. Breast pain is also very common when a woman is going through reproductive years. However, here is a list with details on what causes those spasms and how can we avoid them.

Breast Surgery

If you have undergone breast surgery then the scar formation may be a reason for your breast pain. If it gets too much, it could also be due to inflammation or nerve damage. 


There are certain medications that might be adding to the pain which includes the treatments that you might be undertaking for mental health. Apart from this, the medicines that affect the reproductive hormones of a woman's body might be triggering the pain. Some of these medicines include: Oral contraceptives which are hormonal, postmenopausal estrogen, antidepressants, steroids or infertility treatments. There are many more but it is best to consult your doctor.

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There is a higher risk of breast pains and related conditions if you have a cyst. Some times, milk ducts are responsible for these cysts. They feel like lumps which are sacs full of fluids either soft or firm. They are not painful but they do enlarge when the woman is experiencing the menstrual cycle. However, they go away once you reach menopause


If your cartilage has an inflammation that connects the breastbone and ribs then that is known as Costochondritis. This occurs when you have arthritis. If your upper back or neck has arthritis then you are bound to feel the pain in your chest. However, this occurs only in women over 40 years of age.

Fibrocystic Breast Changes

Limit the consumption of salt to avoid fibrocystic breast pain. This condition can be a cause for lumpy, swollen or tender breasts. These lumps occur when there is a buildup of fluid-filled cysts and there are fibrous tissues. You may also There may also be notice nipple discharge. Some changes that might help include a low-salt diet, pain-relief medication or caffeine reduction.


This occurs when you are a breast-feeding mother and have a clogged milk duct. t can also happen when you are experiencing fever or tiredness. Generally, the treatment here includes antibiotics but it is best to consult your doctor. 

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Poorly Fitted Bra

If you have been wearing the wrong size or an ill-fitted bra, it may cause breast pain. If the bra is too tight or it is too loose and your breasts are at discomfort, then it may cause pain. Whenever you are buying a bra, do check if the underwiring is jutting out which should be avoided, and do check if the bra is too high on the back. 

Breast cancer

breast cancer

Breast cancer most of the time is not painful but if you have a tumour or have inflammatory breast cancer then that too can lead to breast discomfort. Consult your doctor if you feel a lump, the pain doesn't go away post your menstrual cycle, there is a nipple discharge or any kind of infection that you feel is not normal. 

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