India is one of the most popular nations, which is known for diverse languages, amazing cinemas, foods and for the positive effects of traditional health care practices. Back in times, some of these wholesome practices were considered mystical. But with passing time, countless century-old Indian traditions have now garnered popularity and positive feedback from scholars and philosophers. While the world is adopting many Indian practices, Indians are getting inclined towards western culture and are now following their customs. While it's great to learn the culture and traditions of different nations, one must always be mindful about picking what is best for their bodies. When it comes to health, there are a couple of Indian practices that are simply unbeatable and help your body to stay fit and fine. We are not talking about yoga, but day-to-day things that can bring huge differences. Some of them are: 

Sitting On Floor To Eat 

There are many Indian households that still eat their food while sitting on the floor. In fact, if you visit any gurudwara or temple, the same ritual is still followed. Eating while sitting on the floor has great significance, as it helps your digestive system to break down food efficiently. Bending forward to pick food and going backwards gently massages your pancreas and stimulates the digestive system. Also, your focus will remain on food with this motion and you will be mindful of how much are you eating. 

Eating Food With Hand 

Eating Food With Hand

Most of us still eat our roti and rice with hands. This is a very healthy practice, only if you wash or sanitise your hands completely before eating. It is believed that eating with hands allow a person to also consume food through all of his sense organs. You can smell, touch, taste, sound and see what you’re eating. This elevates the experience of eating and hence you will always feel satisfied after eating from hands. 

Keeping Home A Footwear Free Zone

Most of us still do not take our footwear to our bedrooms and other areas of the house. In fact, many mothers also allot a separate slipper for bathrooms so that any sort of infections couldn’t get into the living space. But, with time, many seems to be forgetting this important practice. Thanks to our television serials and cinemas that have glamourised sleeping or working on the bed with shoes on. By wearing footwear at home, you can very easily bring harmful bacteria or germ inside. It will then affect your health without you even knowing about it! 

Sit & Drink Water 

Have your parents or grandparents ever suggested you to sit and then drink water? Probably yes! This is because they know how badly the balance of fluids in our body get disturbed when you drink water while standing. It happens because of the accumulation of excess fluids in our joints, as per health reports. In future, this can also lead to arthritis, therefore its best to avoid drinking water while standing. 

Preparing Meal In Earthenware

Preparing Meal In Earthenware

Earlier, earthen pots were not only used to prepare some special meals. In fact, all the foods were cooked in it. If you go in some parts of rural India, you will still find people cooking in earthenware, which is an extremely wholesome habit, as it allows the food to retain all nutrients, make it alkaline and also distributes heat evenly allowing it cook better. With modern non-stick cookware, you sure can cook your food as soon as possible, but the taste and the nutritional factor is slightly low. 

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Morning Cleanliness

Do your parents and grandparents avoid consuming food before they complete their morning ritual of taking bath and cleaning themselves? Bathing and freshening up in the morning have a great significance as it changes your complete outlook. Also, whatever germs and bacteria you accumulate throughout the day must be washed up to create a hygienic environment.

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