Arthritis is the condition where there presence of painful inflammation and stiffness in joints. As we age, our body’s natural phenomenon is to wear and tear. When there is a compromise in the flexibility of the body, it tends to wear and tear more. Arthritis then makes body its home. There are various arthritic conditions like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms are similar like soaring joints, pain in joints, movements are restricted. Basically, there is a discomfort in mobility.

Dr. Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra – Director, The Yoga Institute says that in this situation not only body flexibility but mind plays an important role. The condition worsens due to mental disturbances like anger, frustration, hurt, and agitation. Whenever suffering from mental turmoil, there is more damage to the joints due to the tightening of the muscles which bring joints closer than required. It also creates a narrowing of the arteries which will reduce the blood flow.

Thus, yoga recommends keeping check on mental and emotional condition. So, self-analysis and behavioural change is required. The Yoga Institute carried an interesting research on the similar line. 100 labourers were taken whose daily work included carrying heavy loads on the back and head. X-ray results of their spine and knee were recorded. Damage in their bones, disfigured joints; slip disc and major wear and tear was found. But when asked about any pain in the badly conditioned joints, the answer was negative.


On the other hand 100 executives were taken as subjects. The x-ray result of spine and knees showed no major faulty conditions. Some mild bone loss, or beginning of osteoarthritis and little dislocation of disc were recorded. The pain was excruciating in the mildly affected area, when asked.

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The research has revealed that pain is related to the state of mind. Executives have lot of unnecessary stress while labourers live a simple life of working, eating simple food at right time and taking adequate night sleep. So, one has to start living life without worry. Life goes on with or without pain, so why not accept the situation, become happy being from a worrisome human being.

To achieve this state of mind, yoga has umpteen techniques to offer. The Yoga Institute is the torchbearer of Ashatanga Yoga. The first two limbs of Ashtanaga Yoga; Yama and Niyama will teach how to live life when we are surrounded by negative people, managing our behaviour and relationship.

Founder Shri Yogendra Ji has come up with the simplified asana, catering to large groups of people. One of which is Sahaj Bhavasana with scientific breathing pattern and full concentration. Tensed muscles condition is altered and body becomes light and flexible. The affected area should be given good rest. Give warmth to the affect part through hot water bag and sun rays. Protect the joint from breeze with proper covering of the cloth and if it is cold then cover it with woollen clothes. Allow it to heal by itself.

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Do not sit idle when suffering from pain. Lead an active life by using the parts of the body which are unaffected and healthy. Inculcate any form of asana which is comfortable, to bring strength.

Listen to the body, become aware about the standing and the sitting posture. If there is pain in a particular position, immediately change it and make sure not to abuse the body. Observe what causes pain while sitting, sleeping, resting and bring the change accordingly. Yoga is about awareness brought to mental, physical and emotional body. Make yoga a part of your daily life and experience the serenity.