Cancer is a disease which still does not have a permanent solution but we do have treatments that can hold it back for a while. Sometimes it can be recurring but if the person is lucky, it doesn't. This unfortunate disease which we do not wish even for our enemies is followed up with a treatment called chemotherapy which is very painful. This World Cancer Day I bring to you a helping solution amid the chemotherapy treatment days as suggested by a yoga expert.

Grandmaster Akshar told HerZindagi that "Ujjayi Pranayama is a technique that helps can help in warming up the body and in calming the mind. When practicing Ujjayi, completely fill your lungs, while contracting your throat slightly, and breathe out through your nose. This breathing technique is used throughout Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga practices.

Calm Your Mind

calm mind

This pranayama technique is very useful for bringing a sense of stillness and soothing calmness to the mind. When the mind is peaceful, and in a relaxed state, then it allows for the treatment to work better. There is a greater impact of the medication on your system when you are able to remain stress-free and at ease.

Regulate Your Blood Circulation

Ujjai pranayam helps you regulate your blood circulation. Practicing this breathing technique improves the blood flow within the body. This in turn allows the organs to function better.

Keeps Your Nervous System Relaxed

nervous system

As cancer is a major disease there are many people who become extremely disturbed on hearing the diagnosis. This stress and feeling of anxiety caused because of having cancer can impact the body in a negative way. To combat this stress Ujjai Pranayam is extremely useful. It keeps the mind calm eliminating stress and worry.

Build Your Immunity

When you are undergoing treatment for cancer through chemotherapy it is not advisable to have a physical practice. Exercising or any physical workout can drain you of your energy leaving you fatigued. In such a situation, Ujjai pranayam comes to your rescue and helps you build your immune system.

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Aligns Body, Mind & Spirit

The meaning of Ujjai is big victory. The unique benefit of this breathing technique is that it brings alignment between the body, mind and the spirit. It energizes you from within and allows the treatment to work better.

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