With work from home amid the pandemic, many health issues have surfaced or become worse be it mental or physical. Those sitting on the laptop the whole day are experiencing headaches due to the screen, weight gain, back pain, neck pain, etc. To combat these pains which can be a huge hindrance in your daily functioning, wellness expert Rujuta Diwekar has shared a few stretching exercises which may help you out to a great extent.

Taking to her Instagram, Rujuta Dwiekar has been rolling out not just nutritional tips but also some exercise tips and stretches that can help many of us in dealing with various pains ad health issues. So try these out and see what works for you.

Upper Back Pain & Neck Pain

    1. Extend your elbows and lock your fingers. Then twist your palms outside towards the ceiling, while sitting on a chair. 
    2. Sit in a half twist on a chair and lift your chest, squeeze your shoulders plates together and start moving from your lower abdomen and towards the chair. 
    3. Put your palms on either side of the chair. Lift your fingers up and move your neck so that you are able to raise your hips. Left your arms up and extend your elbows. Look forward. 
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Basic Stretches You Can Do Daily

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Benefits Of Stretching

These stretches have many benefits. 

  • They increase your movement range. 
  • Flexibility increases.
  • Your blood circulation increases and improves. 
  • Posture becomes better.
  • Prevent back pains and heals the existing ones.
  • A great dose of stress relief.

Earlier, Rujuta had also shared work from home exercise module where she suggested that it is necessary to sit up every 30 minutes. 

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She wrote: "To keep the body active and mind cal. Sequence: After every half hour of sitting, stand up for 3 mins. After every 1 hour, do 1 exercise for 5 reps. Repeat for 5 hours. Will help with strengthening back, neck, legs, chest and core."

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So practice these stretches and exercises and see how it changes the fitness scenario for you.

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