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    International Yoga Day 2020: Five Easy Yoga Poses To Boost Your Bone Health

    Maintaining bone health is as important as taking care of any other part of the body. Practice these yoga asanas to boost bone health. 
    Published -17 Jun 2020, 10:54 ISTUpdated -17 Jun 2020, 12:13 IST
    Five Easy Yoga To Boost Your Bone Health

    Among the various benefits that Yoga offers, one of the most important things it does is to provide bone health. Apart from lending the very basic structural frame for our body, we need our bones to keep protecting most of our vital organs like the brain and the heart. Our bones are living tissue that stores many important minerals we need like calcium and phosphorous and this needs day-to-day maintenance through proper exercises or yoga. To know more about the yoga asanas that can help us to strengthen our bones, Hz spoke to yoga guru Akshar from Akshar Yoga. While describing the same, he said “along with the yoga, it is also essential that we pay attention to our diet, supplying our body with the daily required quota of Vitamin C and D. Other than this, exposing yourself to sunlight at dawn, the practice of Surya namaskar or sun salutation can increase bone density.” 

    He recommended including the following asanas as part of your regular fitness regime and also suggested “Holding each asana for up to 30 seconds, repeat up to 3 times. Persist with a committed practice for 4-6 months to experience its benefits.” 



    This one is a simple asana that helps you to improve body posture over time. It also provides strength to muscles and stretches your spine, shoulder, and chest. 

    Formation Of Pose

    • Start in a seated position and stretch your legs out forward.
    • Join your legs bringing your heels together. 
    • Keep your back straight, tighten the muscles of your pelvis, thighs, and calves. 
    • Look ahead, place your palms beside your hips on the floor to support your spine. 
    • Relax your shoulders. Hold this asana for 30 seconds. 

    Vajrasana - Thunderbolt Pose

    Vajrasana is an extremely easy kneeling pose that people of all ages can do. The name of this asana has been derived from the Sanskrit word Vajra, which means diamond or thunderbolt. To provide energy to lower back and to get rid of back pain, perform this yoga daily. 

    Formation Of Pose 

    • Stand straight with your arms beside your body. 
    • Slowly drop your knees on your yoga mat. 
    • Place your pelvis on your heels and point your toes outward. 
    • Here, your thighs should press your calf muscles. 
    • Keep your heels apart and place your palms facing upward on your knees. 
    • Straighten your back and look forward. 
    • Hold this asana for 30 seconds. 

    Santolanasana – Plank Pose

    Santolanasana – Plank Pose

    If you feel you need more upper body strength, especially in your arms and chest area, this is the yoga you should be performing every day without a fail.  

    Formation Of Pose

    • Lie on your stomach and place your palms under your shoulders. 
    • Lift your upper body, pelvis, and knees up. 
    • Use your toes to grip the floor and keep the knees straight. 
    • Ensure that your knees, pelvis, and spine are aligned. 
    • Your wrists must be placed exactly below your shoulders with your arms kept straight. 
    • Hold this asana for 30 seconds. 


    People who suffer from problems like osteoporosis must perform this asana the helps the bones of the hips and the pelvic region to become strong, along with strengthening muscles. 

    Formation Of Pose 

    • Begin in Samasthithi. Then lift your right leg off the floor and balance your weight on your left leg. 
    • Place your right foot on your lift inner thigh as close to your groin as possible.
    • Support your foot with your palms to bring it in place.
    • After you find your balance, join your palms in Pranam Mudra at your heart chakra.
    • Raise your Pranam towards the sky.
    • Straighten your elbows and ensure that your head is in between your arms.
    • Repeat the same with the alternate leg. 
    • Hold this asana for 30 seconds. 

    Samasthithi Or Tadasana


    In order to have healthy bones, it is important for them to remain flexible. This asana helps in keeping the body light. Not only this, but it will also tone abdominal muscles and strengthens the spine. 

    Formation Of Pose 

    • Stand tall with big toes touching and heels together.
    • Draw in your abdominals and relax your shoulders down and back.
    • Take 5-8 breaths while actively engaging your leg muscles.
    • It's a great pose to keep your posture tall and strong.
    • Keeps the feet healthy.

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    Yoga guru Akshar lays huge stress on maintaining bone health. He further says, "Calcium plays a vital role in bone health. If the body is low on calcium, you will suffer from diminished bone density, early bone loss, and an increased risk of fractures." Make calcium-rich foods such as milk, cheese, and other dairy foods part of your regular diet. There are plenty of vegan options too for your dose of calcium in the form of green leafy vegetables – such as broccoli, cabbage, and okra, soya beans, tofu, soya drinks with added calcium, and nuts.

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