Alia Bhatt’s Fat To Fit Secrets Revealed

Losing fat and becoming fit is easier said than done. So how did Alia Bhatt do it?

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Once a chubby teen, Alia Bhatt has now become one of the hottest fitness icons in Bollywood. The actor had always nurtured dreams of entering the film industry but her weight was in the way of her debut and that’s what motivated her towards weightloss. But losing fat and becoming fit is easier said than done. So how did she do it?

Do It Like Alia: She Lost 16 Kgs In 3 Months

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Getting the role of Shanaya Singhania in Student Of The Year wasn’t easy for Alia Bhatt. She was rejected even by Karan Johar at first for being a bit on the heavier side. Alia took the pain of rejection in her stride and started on a strict fitness and diet plan for the next three months to look like a hot, college girl for SOTY. Her diet at that time consisted of just chicken and vegetables while having her favourite French fries was no longer an option. Her dedication bore fruit and she bagged the role and thus began her journey of staying fit.

Alia Bhatt’s Workout Routine

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Alia routinely does cardio, kickboxing, weight training, altitude training, functional training and circuit training. When she is not hitting the gym, Alia Bhatt stays fit by running on the beach, doing Ashtang yoga as well as ballet and kathak to keep her body active and flexible. In the gym, the Raazi girl does repetitions of push-ups, crunches, lunges, squats, dumbbell raises, lateral pull-down, bicep curls, triceps push down and back extensions. Working with celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala (who also trains Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone by the way) she keeps posting videos of herself doing Pilates and writes pretty inspirational messages that might just inspire you to hit the gym again!

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Alia Bhatt’s Diet Plan

Maintaining a diet plan while shooting constantly can seem like the most difficult task in the world but not when you put your mind to it, just like Alia. Even in her hectic schedule, the actor manages to have 8 meals in a day and carries a meal box with fruits, chicken, egg whites, stir-fried vegetables and chaas in it for shoots. She also has her cheat days but that’s always followed by detoxification with sprouts, lauki juice, and lime water.


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