Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman's life. It's the time when a woman experiences a lot of change in her life, as well as in her body. She ends up gaining oodles of weight which is quite natural. So, if you too have gained additional pregnancy weight and want to get back in shape, then take inspiration from Arjun Rampal's girlfriend, Gabriella Demetriades. 

gabriella demetriades shares post pregnancy weight loss inside two

Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal and Gabriella recently welcomed a baby boy, Arik, together. However, after giving birth just a couple of weeks back, the stunning model surprised everyone with her jaw-dropping body transformation. Gabriella took to Instagram to share her unbelievable transformation. During her finals days of pregnancy, she gained 21 kg which she managed to lose only in 11 days. Shocking, right?

gabriella demetriades shares post pregnancy weight loss inside three

In the first picture, she wrote, "So this was me 3 weeks ago... a week before giving birth to my beautiful boy (almost 10 pounds of him) I had picked up 21 kgs in 9th month of pregnancy. This seems like a story everyone wants to hear. It was not easy to watch my body go through that, however, I trusted the process. I continued working out, not perhaps the same level of training I was used to but I worked out almost 5 days a week. I ate what I wanted but in moderation and I rested when my body told me to."

gabriella demetriades shares post pregnancy weight loss inside

Sharing another picture, Gabriella continued, "I am blessed and grateful to have had a natural delivery and I have to say, the body is an amazing thing. I watched as I brought life into this world and I couldn’t care less about what I looked like doing it. We care so much about how we look and little about how we actually feel. 21 kgs heavier and I never felt better. All I really cared about is that my baby was happy and healthy. But now, I’m on the road to getting my old self back. I get asked all the time what my regime is, what I’m eating. What I’m doing." 

In the third Instagram story, Gabriella made our jaws drop with her unbelievable body transformation. Posting a picture from the gym, she wrote, "This photo was taken 11 days after delivery. It’s a long way from where it was but the body is an amazing thing. All I can say it, don’t stop your regime during pregnancy. Move, eat well and treat yourself every now and again. Prenatal yoga really helped keep my pelvic floor strong (Tanvi at Tangerine studio kept me calm and taught me to breathe). Also remember everyone is different and all good things do take time: so be patient with your body and your mind."

If you too want to lose your pregnancy weight, here are certain things that you should do.

Take Rest

gabriella demetriades shares post pregnancy weight loss rest

A new mother needs plenty of rest to stay healthy and fit. So, take rest and sleep wherever and whenever your little one sleep. Also, don’t burden yourself with all the responsibilities of the baby at the very beginning. Ask for help and do not push your limits.

Go For Foods That Are Low In Calorie

Eat foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, protein, and fiber, such as eggs, curd, whole grain food, chicken etc. Cut down foods which are high in calories to lose weight.

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Ditch Caffeine

gabriella demetriades shares post pregnancy weight loss coffee

No matter how much you are craving for a cup of coffee, it’s better to avoid it. Caffeine will leave you extremely dehydrated and fatigues, which is not good for your baby’s health and for yours too!

Instead of coffee, drink eight to ten glasses of water in a day to flush out all toxins from your body and prevent dehydration. It also improves your metabolism, which in turn manages your weight. 

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Start Exercising

gabriella demetriades shares post pregnancy weight loss exercising

Incorporate exercise into your day. Perform some light yoga postures and exercises, don’t be too hard on yourself. 

Lower Your Stress Level

Being a new mom comes with a lot of responsibilities and pressure, and it is too natural for you to get stressed. However, stress can badly affect your weight, so try and reduce it as much as you can. 

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