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    Take Your Outfit Up A Notch With These Types Of Sling Bags

    Confused between different types of sling bags? We got you!
    Published -18 Oct 2021, 12:35 ISTUpdated -18 Oct 2021, 12:44 IST
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    Carrying a bag is essential for many ladies and gentlemen out there. A sling bag is a type of bag that one wears across the body, which is much smaller than a handbag and a purse. A sling bag helps you carry things in a much convenient way. You can store your phone, keys to your car or house, a small perfume, lipstick, some tissues, and whatnot. 

    A sling bag has become more of a fashion statement than a necessity. On the street, 9 out of 10 girls are spotted wearing a sling bag. With a boom in sling fashion, many types of sling bags have come into play. Here is a list of generally spotted sling bags in the market! 

    The OG 

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    The square-shaped sling bag is the original sling bag that came to the market. A square sling is called the ‘OG’ for many reasons. The shape suffices the storage issue we girls usually face with the pockets of our jeans. The square-shaped slings let us girls fill the bags with possibly anything and everything there is that we can. 

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    There is a viral trend of round sling bags, which are undeniably cute and small. They may not be able to fit about everything that a square-shaped sling bag can, but the shape of this type gives the outfit another edge and a perspective to the outfit. 

    A round-shaped sling is definitely a type you can carry with outfits that have loose fits and baggy shirts. (Wear These Mood Lifting Colours To Brighten Your Day)

    Fanny Packs 

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    A fanny pack has been in play for a long while but wasn’t recognized until some years back until some influencers used it on public social media platforms. A fanny pack is a break type of sling bag which has absolutely 0 hassle and maintenance. All you have to do is wrap it around your body. With trends, people have come up with ways to tie a fanny pack around your body too. 

    A fanny pack is used more as an accessory than a necessity now. A fanny pack clubbed together with a bucket hat really makes a vibe happen for all of us, don’t they? 

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    All Shapes And Sizes

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    With people bringing creativity into play, people have come up with a variety of concepts and patterns to style and create a sling bag to their needs and demands. A sling bag can be of a moon shape or can have small handles, could also have a small sling strap to go over your shoulder. There are numerous ways to customize a sling bag and that makes numerous types of sling bags available in the market. 

    Talking about each one of them is absolutely impossible. The basic sling bags are the OG, roundabout, and fanny packs. What's your go-to sling bag? Let us know on our official Instagram page. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more!

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