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    Wondering which purse goes best with your outfit? Don't worry, we've got you covered!
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    Updated at - 2021-06-10,07:50 IST
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    Bags are not just an equipment where you carry your things, it isn’t a mere storage unit and the emerging trend for fashionable bags prove this point.  Purses are important for women not just to keep their lipsticks, as the world might see, but even to make a statement. However, are you one of those who can’t resist digging in their wallets when they see a pretty purse? Even then, you shy away from spending on beautiful branded bags because you probably don’t know what to pair that bag with! You probably own more than ten bags but don’t really know which kind of bag will go with which kind of outfit? In case you find yourself nodding in embarrassment, don’t worry! You have landed at the right place! 

    Pretty purses and statement bags will never be too old for any kind of fashion trend. While the outfits will keep changing according to seasons, some bags will never get outdated. Here is a guide for you on which kind of bags look best on which kind of outfits!


    backpack one

    Image Credit: mk0travelawayrru2xew.kinstacdn

    Nothing makes one look smarter than a sporty outfit paired with a backpack and sneakers. This kind of bag is perfect for a short trip or even a cute lunch date! Backpacks have been in the market since the longest time and will continue to be in fashion because there is nothing trendier than the amalgam of fashion and comfort!


    This kind of a purse is perfect for a cocktail party outfit. Clutch comes to the rescue when you don’t want to carry a huge bag, especially where you are wearing an elegant saree or a gorgeous party gown. Carrying anything other than a pretty clutch will distract people from your glamorous outfit, and when we have spent hours getting ready, we don’t want that, do we ladies?


    bindle one

    Image Credits: swacw

    This statement bag is perfect for formals. High heels, pencil skirt, shirt and a blazer followed by a bindle in one hand and a cup of coffee in another. Well well well, make way for the boss lady everyone!

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    Hobo Bag

    Ladies we have a winner! The all-purpose hobo bag is perfect for you to carry all your essentials and still have ample space left! Pair it with Indian or western, formals or even picnic outfits, a hobo bag doesn’t discriminate and elevates the look of every outfit perfectly!

    Round Bag

    round one

    Image Credits: images-na.ssl-images-amazon

    This bag is a keeper when it comes to casual dressing. This cute bag has enough space for a phone, a wallet and still has some space left for a comb or a lipstick! Goes best with shorts and tees or even with semi formals. Well guess now you know what to carry on the informal Fridays at work!

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    Now that you know which bag to pair with which outfit, stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more content related to fashion! 

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