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Incorporating Bucket Hats Into Your Outfits

Bucket hats have been the trendy accessory this year. Here’s how you can style your favourite one!
Published -04 Oct 2021, 19:12 ISTUpdated -04 Oct 2021, 19:20 IST
bucket hat main

Hats have been a staple statement for the ladies in the pre modern era. There have been various things that have come and gone through the times internet hike some of them have stayed. 

Hats are one of them. Many types of hats are available in the market and some have become a part of many personalities. Many ladies have built personalities around the type of clothes they wear, the food they eat and so on. 

Today’s generation in much fantasised by bucket hats. Looking at a bucket hat, it seems simple and not much of work to style. But when you try and put it in an outfit, it turns out the other way. 

Types Of Bucket Hats-

Denim Bucket 

white bucket hat

There’s never too much denim. Put on a denim jean, a denim shirt and add a denim bucket hat. Don’t forget to use 3 different tones of denim. Since denims have tones and textures, you can experiment with them too. 

Fishing Bucket 

blue bucket hat

These bucket hats have strings attached to them to secure them to your heads in case they fall off. It’s many used for sports activities and are modified for the same. Styling a sports bucket hat is much easier than the rest. They are usually in solid colours that go with anything and everything. 

Buckets With Prints 

quote bucket hat

Some people like their bucket hats with some small quote or saying on them. They are usually 2/3 words that have a vibe that matches yours. These quotes are common sayings and are easily recognised. Styling them is easy. The 2 colours used in the font is your choice of colours, top and bottom! 

Cartoon Buckets 

cartoon bucket hat

Some people love cartoons on their bucket hats. It could be a chick, a character from your favourite childhood television show or anything you like. You can easily style this with contrast colours or the same colours as the one on your chosen character. 

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Plain Bucket

pink bucket hat

Plain buckets are the trendy bucket hats. They are easy to pull off with any combination you wear. Going contrast is a fashion style you can pull off with confidence. Contrasting colours compliment each other but it’s the confidence that pulls the look off. 

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Bucket hats are good for casual dates like lunches, picnics and sight seeing. It covers the head from the sun while giving you the cool look. 

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