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Wear These Mood Lifting Colours To Brighten Your Day

Some colours can really help you lift up the mood. Read on to know these colours.
Published -04 Oct 2021, 16:06 ISTUpdated -04 Oct 2021, 16:22 IST
mood lifting colours

Some days we feel lethargic and unmotivated. While there are ways that can help us feel better like staying active, communicating with loved ones, another  way that can help is by dressing up in certain colours.

According to numerous studies, the colour you wear has a significant impact on your mood. Certain clothes we wear might either improve or affect how we feel. The mood lifting colours include-

1. Yellow

yellow dress

Yellow is also called the colour of joy. It exudes a vibration of being happy and stimulates mental clarity. If you want to get filled with the "I can definitely do it" confidence, then wear yellow clothes. You can feel the positive changes after that. There are different shades of yellow that you can try like lime yellow, neon yellow, dark yellow, bright yellow, etc.

2. Red 

red dress

The colour red is thought to energise people. So, if you're feeling tired, get up quickly, take a relaxing shower, and put on your brightest red dress. Red is a mood-boosting colour that is bold, uplifting, and fun. The look will make you happy and make you feel confident.

3. Orange

Orange is a bright and eye-catching colour. It is related to energy and enthusiasm, and it has the ability to bring happiness. It's similar to red, although it's a little more calming than intense red.

When you want to feel extroverted, like a social butterfly, wear orange.

4. Pink

pink dress

Pink clothes are excellent for restoring your sense of calm as well as promoting happiness. It is commonly associated with the colour of self-love. While there are numerous shades of pink available, including bubblegum pink, pastel pink, neon pink, light pink, and baby pink, the brightest pink in your wardrobe will best serve the purpose. Wear this colour if you want to feel more confident, chattier, and friendlier at the same time.

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5. Purple

Purple is a royal and refined colour that is associated with luxury and creativity. Purple, like red, is a very exciting colour that might make you feel more energised when you see it. Purple is also a colour connected with spirituality and intuition, so if you're having difficulties deciding, put it on and see what comes to mind.

6. Green

green dress

Green can give you a feeling of calm and peace. The colour has long been associated with fertility and good luck. This is also commonly associated with nature's vibrancy and is thought to promote harmony and renewal. When you want to feel grounded or refreshed, wear green. This is a friendly colour that is perfect for meeting new people.

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7. Blue

If you're getting negative vibes from something, blue should be your colour of choice. Blue, according to experts, helps intuition and is associated with a sense of tranquillity. Wearing blue, which is associated with water, oceans, and the sky, gives you the same feeling as looking up at the sky after a long day. To stay calm and composed, wear lighter tones of blue like sky blue or light blue.

Now take a look inside your wardrobe and choose the colour that you think will help you feel better today.

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