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    Pick The Right Bag According To Your Travel Routine!

    Wondering what kind of bag you must carry for your next travel? Here is a guide for you!
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    Updated at - 2021-08-02,14:08 IST
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    We love travelling, don’t we? However, when travelling that one thing that we are almost always concerned about is packing! No, we are not going to tell you how to pack, what to pack and tricks regarding the same. That is something that has been written about abundantly. However, something that we are going to talk to you about are the bags you need to take while travelling. 

    Every trio has a different purpose, a different time duration and a different vibe. Carrying the same old bag not only makes you look like a travel bore but can also act as a hindrance to your smooth travel plans. In this article you will read about the different types of bags that you can carry for different types of travel plans. 

    Tote Bag

    tote bag for travelling one

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    This bag is perfect if you want to travel to a place that has more of a chill travel routine. Works best if you are taking a one day trip to a city where you plan to shop, eat and relax! We recommend a tote bag because this is big enough to fit one pair of clothes and essentials. To make your travel look more fashionable, you can tie a scarf at the edge of the strap and you will be good to go! 

    Trek Bag

    trek bag for travelling one

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    An absolute must while trekking, you cannot be trekking with hand luggage no matter how smooth the wheels are! The chains, the compartments, and the overall way this bag is designed makes it ideal for adventure. Even if you have a normal backpack, we recommend you to opt for this particular bag to ensure you a happy journey! 


    bagpack for travelling one

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    A cute look, stores essentials, comfortable to carry, goes well with almost every outfit, how many more reasons do you need to invest in a good backpack? This is ideal for a day outing, or a roadtrip. This bag will store your sanitiser, mask, lipstick and a few other essentials. If it has a little more space, a dress can fit as well. Carry this bag on a day trip where you will come back home by night. It will give you a vacation look yet not go overboard! 

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    Duffel Bag 

    duffel bag for travelling one

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    A cool-looking bag, ideal for a 2-3 days long trip. It gives you a ‘ready to take-off, not here to stay’ kind of a look and accommodates absolutely everything. Easy to carry, doesn’t take up much space and gives an overall smart look, those who think that a duffel bag is just for gym need a reality check! 

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    Trolley Bag

    The most common type of bag, carry this only if your things don’t fit in the duffel. Even if you are carryin the trolley bags, make sure their size are in accordance to the days of your travel(read more on bags). Carrying a gigantic bag for a merely 5 days long trip not only looks absurd but will also increase your hassle. 

    We hope you found this article helpful. If you would like to read more such articles, stay tuned to Her Zindagi! 

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