What goes around comes back eventually. This statement is definitely true for a lot of things like movies, books, songs and also applies to fashion. Fashion trends always make a comeback. As people take inspiration from previous decades, it is no surprise that 2021’s fashion trends are a mix of styles from different decades. 

We thought that there are many styles gone forever but they are back in stores to prove us wrong. Here is a list of such retro fashion trends that are making a comeback in 2021. 

Silk Scarves 

retro silk scarf

Silk scarves were a rage back in the days and kept diminishing with time. However, they were never truly gone. We could always see glimpses of these on one celebrity or the other. But now, the trend is back to stay for a while. From silk scarves on heads to silk scarves around the neck to silk scarves around the waist to turn them into tops, they are seen everywhere. Whether it’s to look fashionable or to conceal a bad hair day, you can never go wrong with a silk scarf.


retro scrunchies

Remember those times when we viewed movies from the past and looked at scrunchies with a cringe. Well, those are the days of the past as scrunchies are back for all the right reasons.

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People are replacing tight hair ties for much softer scrunchies. These keep your hair happy and healthy as they cause less friction preventing breakage. Plus, they are back in style. So, it’s a must-have accessory in 2021. 

Puff Sleeves

retro puff sleeves

Exaggerated sleeves have been here for a while and seem to have attracted an even larger audience in 2021. These sleeves come in several variations – the leg-of-mutton, the Juliet, the balloon, and many more. No matter which variation you are going for, this statement piece will always look the perfect blend of romantic and classy. 


retro crochet

With the trend of hand-made coming back, crochet is also back in style. From bags to bikinis to shrugs to hats, crochet is all the place. There is something about crochet that makes it seem perfect for the summertime. Gen Z is opting for crochet more and more to make their wardrobe more colorful and more trendy. 

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Tinted Glasses

retro tinted glass

We are all tired of the same old black or brown coloured sunglasses. So, it’s time for an upgrade with subtly coloured glasses. This is an absolutely charming trend which is gaining popularity day by day.

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This statement piece instantly uplifts your boring outfits and makes you out in the crowd. These are perfect for a day out in any season.


retro platforms

Platforms have always been there but they are all the rage in 2021. This year’s shoe game seems to be reaching new heights with platforms. Whether these are flat or in clog form, they seem stylish with every outfit. You can never go wrong with the platform. They look absolutely stylish with every outfit. Plus, they are super comfortable. So, it’s a win-win situation. 

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