Summer has finally arrived, which means it’s time to bare your shoulders and your legs, but not your eyes. Even though you can't protect your skin from the harsh UV rays, but by wearing right sunglasses you can surely protect your eyes from it. The area around your eyes and ears is very delicate and needs to be protected. But, do you know which shape will suit you? Here's your guide! Scroll down and find out perfect sunglasses to rock this summer!

Heart Shaped Face

heart shaped sunglasses

The narrowest point of a heart-shaped face is at the jawline. Any frames that are wider on the top than they are on the bottom work well. Try round glass, aviator and wayfarers to accentuate your eyes and playfully balance a striking jawline. Buy black round sunglasses by Kachawoo here at a discounted price of Rs 799.

Oval Shaped Face

sunglasses according to face shape cat eyes

Have a long, oval face? You’re in luck because you can pull off any look when it comes to sunglasses. Just keep proportion in mind, and avoid too big or too small sunglasses for your face. Aviators, rectangular frame, cat's eye shaped sunglasses will help chisel your feature. Buy Cat Eye Vintage Women's Sunglass here at a discounted price of Rs 499.

Round Shaped Face

sunglasses according to face shape circle

A round face is widest across the cheekbones and more narrow at the forehead and jawline. Oversized, rectangular, and angular frames offset roundness. Round-faced beauties, take note: opt for a round frame, to add even more sexiness to your face shape. Avoid wearing oversized, rectangular, and angular frames. Buy Bainsh black round sunglasses here at a discounted price of Rs 149.

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Square Shaped Face

sunglasses according to face shape square shaped face

Do you have a strong jaw, wide forehead, and wide cheekbones? Then, you fall right under this category. Choose sunnies with soft lines or rimless edges to soften these features. To add lift to a square-shaped face, look for large and cat eyes glasses. The large glasses will help chisel your features. Buy TLP UV protected sunglasses here at a discounted price of Rs 999. 

So, shop best sunglasses according to your face shape and get ready to rock the world.

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