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Lingerie Mistakes That Should Be Avoided!

The goal should not be to throw money on sexy lingerie, rather to invest in comfortable bras and panties.  
bra shopping mistakes

Lingeries are every woman's best friend! They are like second skin to all ladies and they can decide  their mood and vibe for the day. A good lingerie can make a person feel confident throughout the day. But the same lingerie, if not comfortable, can make a person's confidence level too low and eventually ruin their day. That's why it is said, it is important to check whether the lingerie is pretty, but it is much more important to check whether it is comfortable.

To help you select the right lingerie for you, here is the list of some mistakes that you need to avoid while lingerie shopping. Make a note of these lingerie shopping mistakes to find the best lingerie for you!

1. Find Your Size

lingerie size

Finding the right size of your lingerie is very important, as lingerie with wrong size can turn out to be a real disaster! Loose fitting bras and granny panties can fall off or give your clothes a weird look which you surely don't want. However, a tight bra, panties should be avoided too. Tight lingerie can cause chafing and they can also trap bacteria and moisture which leads to infection. 

Lingerie sets with the wrong size are not just inconvenient but also unflattering. So make sure when choosing the perfect bra and panties for yourself, they fit you right.

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2. Avoid Purchasing Uncomfortable Fabric

uncomfortable lingerie

If those sizzling lingerie sets are made of polyester, satin silk, or spandex, don't get flattered.  I know they appear beautiful and probably look comfortable but they are not comfortable for the skin. You should instead choose breathable underwear. You'll be alright as long as they have a cotton liner near the vaginal area.

When choosing underwear, steer clear of synthetic materials. However if you have a special occasion coming, you can go for silk.

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3. Avoid Colored Lingerie 

When shopping for lingerie, try to avoid coloured lingerie. Synthetic dyes may be used in coloured lingerie, which can cause discomfort and irritation to the skin. This is especially important for those who have sensitive skin.

4. Don't Buy Tight Shapewear

tight shapewear

Wearing tight shapewear for a long period of time can cause health issues. Tight shapewear can be damaging to your health in the long run, and it's also inconvenient. Furthermore, shapewear is notoriously difficult to remove and makes going to the restroom quite difficult. That is why, when women wear them, they often hold it for longer than they should.

5. Don't Repeat Lingerie

Get as many lingeries as you can so that you can just abandon the idea of repeating the lingerie ever without cleaning them well. Repeating lingerie without properly washing it is not only unhygienic, but it can also lead to irritation and other skin issues.

Apart from all this, look for bras and panties of good quality that also looks breathable.

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