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6 Bra Accessories That Can Make Your Life Easy & Comfortable

Looking for tips to make your brassieres more comfy? Read on to know about a few bra accessories that can change your life! 
Published -05 Dec 2020, 08:50 ISTUpdated -12 Aug 2021, 16:03 IST
Easy & Comfortable

Whether we like or not, us ladies have to deal with brassieres for the most part of our lives. While in the lockdown, we frequently ditched them, but as the things are starting to get back to normal, a bra will again become an integral part of all our lives. 

If you don’t want to deal with that discomfort, you need to find ways to make your bra more comfortable. Wondering how? Allow us to help! We bring some of the bra accessories that we think are a must-have. 

These are simple items that you can buy online. All this will make sporting bras a little bit easier for you. Check out this list we specifically curated keeping in mind all your needs given different occasions. 

Low Back Converter

Low Back Converter

We all have that one bra that we think is comfortable and make us feel confident in our skins. You wish to wear that under different types of dresses and tees. However, a normal bra can’t be sported under a dress or top with a low back design. Instead of changing your bra completely, add the low back converter to it. All you need to do is hook the convertor into your regular bra and wrap it around the waist. And in no time it will transform your favourite bra into a versatile piece for all your attires. 

Double-Sided Tape

No one wants the sleeves of their tops to keep falling and making them uncomfortable. This mostly happens with loose tops, or certain kinds of fabrics, such as satin or silk. If you have tops that are mostly sliding off your shoulders or even pieces that need a little bit more support, invest in double side tapes. These are not the regular ones, whose adhesive can harm your skin, but are skin-friendly and will hold on the fabric on your body in the best way possible! 

Racer Back Bra Converter

Racer Back Bra Converter

We know there are a couple of hacks that can help you join the straps of your bra at the back. But does that look smart and neat? Perhaps not! Dressing well is as important as having manners and etiquette. Therefore, you must invest in small gadgets that will make you look much more sophisticated. Such as this racerback bra converter. Available in various shades, they will keep your bra straps from falling while dancing, exercising, or doing daily chores. 

Bra Strap Extenders

Bras can become loose and at times also become small, because gaining weight is natural. However, if not your cup size and only the waist size has increased you need not throw your bra away. Instead, you can buy bra strap extenders that will increase the size of the bra, making it fit and fine again. This mostly happens with pregnant women, who gain a lot of weight suddenly. 

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Replacement Tape For Strapless Bra

Replacement Tape For Strapless Bra

This probably is one of the most important bra accessories. There are times when a little less reliable strapless or backless bras (types of bras) can put you in problem, as they can become loose over time or can turn less sticky. Strapless bra tape can save you from wardrobe malfunctions, as they come with strong adhesive. 

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Lingerie Laundry Bag

Women spend such a huge chunk of their hard-earned money into buying undergarments. Thanks to their sky-rocketing prices! To keep them from losing their colour and elasticity, wash them (DIY detergent recipe) in the lingerie laundry bag. It will keep your bra safe from any harmful agents and will keep your other garments protected from hooks and wires of your bras. 

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