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    How To Style Co-Ords In 4 Different Ways

     Co-ords have been taking over the world. Try these 4 ways to ace your look!
    Updated at - 2021-10-01,16:58 IST
    co ord set

    Co-ords have become popular amongst the modern youth for a decade. Co-ords are extremely stylish and elegant totally depending upon how you’re carrying the look. Owning a co ord set may turn out to be more expensive than you’ve actually thought but it’s really something you need. 

    co ord

    While not sticking to one type of way to go with your co ord, you can play around and use your co ords in as many ways as you like. You can be really creative, mix and match. 

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    Different Tones 

    With a dark bottom, you can add a lighter tone of upper. Two different tones or shades bring variety and versatile nature to your outfit.  To go overboard, you can add a pair of different toned sneakers (trying to find the right sneakers?), bags and a hat maybe, if you like. 

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    Bucket hats are super trendy right now and you need to get yourself one. There are super vibrant colours available in the market. 

    Bright It Up 

    Adding a colour to your co-ord is a great idea. Add a bright colour to your lighter shade of any textured colour, it will pop. A bright colour will always bring out the emphasis of the brightness and vibrancy of the colour. 

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    To add more brightness, you can add the same colour of shoes and bags to your outfit. The synchronised looks go a long way these days. 

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    Colour Blocking A Bottom 

    Take a printed bottom and pick 1 of the two colours, put it on the top. You’ll have a mix and match of 2 colours yet be a co-ord but in a different way. 

    inside  ()

    Usually gone for colour combinations are pink and white, black and white, yellow and brown, blue and red. There are many combinations to make and frame, it’s totally upto your creativity. Find a print and make your own. 

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    One pattern can go a long way. There are many Indian designers out there making big names and prints for us with vibrancy and Indian feels. Wearing a co-ord, top to bottom of the same print, is not a problem. You can go for different sleeve cuts, necklines, dress length, buttons and what not. 

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    Fashion is all about creativity and exploring. Find yourself with clothes, experiment. Experiment with different styles, colours and accessories. We at HerZindagi are here for trendy things, are you? We’ll get you everything you need! 

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