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    Five Easy Tips To Find The Right White Sneakers For Yourself

    The most versatile footwear to add in your wardrobe is white sneakers. In order to buy the most stylish and comfortable pair, follow the following ste...
    Updated at - 2020-03-16,19:03 IST
    Sneakers white

    Sneakers have been around us since the 18th century. They are everything you want your footwears to be. Starting from stylish to comfortable, these beautiful pieces are ultra-versatile. No wonder white sneakers have become the best friend of every girl! Earlier women felt torn between heels and casual-comfy shoes, now they simply choose sneakers and pair it with most of their outfits. While white ones look the best, there are so many other colours that are available in the market. You can wear them and go on dates, shopping sprees, and even exercising. You won’t have to worry about proper sole support and if your shoes are breathable, as varieties of this footwear make walks less painful, more stable, and feet less sweaty. Here's how you can find the best pair of sneakers for yourself! 

    Shop During Afternoon

    afternoon shoping

    In this technologically advanced era if you like buying shopping by physically going to the shops and purchasing clothes and shoes for yourself, make buying the shoes in the afternoon a cardinal rule. This is because, according to a few reports, feet are a little longer during the afternoon. So, if you do purchase during this hour you are likely to buy the perfect size for all the hours of the day. Also, try to buy shoes first if you are about to shop for the whole day. In case, your feet swell a bit at the end of the day, it must not hamper your shoe shopping. 


    low tops

    The low-top and high-top shoes have nothing to do with injuries or support it provides to the ankle, but it is all about appearance. It looks great, especially in summers. You can wear them with skirts, a pair of jeans, shorts, dresses or even on thigh slit dresses. Nowadays, actresses like Vani Kapoor are also seen wearing them in their blockbusters film. The best choice is investing in a white lace-up sneaker that has a low-top. Not only it will elevate most of your looks, but you won’t even have to worry about comfiness. 

    Say No To Bulky Pieces

    The thick-soled sneakers are bad for your feet, as they are likely to give pain in the lower leg, a condition called shin splints, as per the media reports. Also, if your height is below 5’3, which means you are petite, the chunky sneakers can make you look shorter in appearance. The best choice when it comes to heel sneakers is the one that has wedge heels. Make sure the heels are not the platform but are actually slim. It will make you elongated. 

    Air Cushioning System

    air cushions

    While in some branded sneakers the air cushions are already installed, you can also buy these separately if your shoes don’t have these. This technology is to provides more comfort and support to the feet.

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    Feels more like cushions, the air cushions are flexible urethane bag that compresses when the force is applied and gets back to the original shape once the force is released. Installing this in your shoes will reduce the chances of Achilles heel pain

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    Mesh Sneakers

    mesh Sneakers

    The biggest problem with full shoes remains that it makes your feet sweaty and smelly. But if you buy the sneakers that have mesh over it, you can easily solve this problem. The mesh design on the top of the sneakers allows the air to pass in and out. So, the feet can breathe and the airflow can also be possible, keeping the feet smelling fresh. Also, appearance-wise the mesh sneakers look more classy. 

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