If you are planning for a destination wedding, then beach is the perfect location. Beach wedding are gaining popularity with time due to its calm ambiance accompanied a light breeze and dancing waves and serenity within the nature. 

Another plus point of beach weddings is that you are can go for any colour theme instead of choosing the traditional colours. From blush pink to lilac, everything will look extremely breathtaking at the beach. With a variety of colours available, you will never run out of options, if you are still confused about what colour to choose, then here is a list of popular colours that will look best for you beach wedding.

Sage Green

beach wedding sage green

This is named after the sage plant as it resembles the colour of dried sage leaves. Go for sage green theme for your wedding and choose everything from your outfit to your decoration in this colour. Believe me, this will look amazing in pictures and all your guests will be impressed. A plus point is that this colour compliments the sea well and gives you serene vibes.

Sky Blue

beach wedding sky blue

You can never go wrong with sky blue as it is a common choice for beach weddings and will never go out of style. This colour goes well with the sea as well as the sky, so, I don’t think there can be a better choice for your beach wedding. Choosing this colour will definitely make your wedding the talk of the town. 


beach wedding peach

Peach colour resembles the light of sunrays and adds a beautiful touch to your beach wedding. It will definitely make you look stunning as this colour compliments any skin tone and with the beach illuminated with moon rays, it will give an amazing romantic vibe to your whole set up.

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beach wedding lilac

Your beach wedding sounds perfect beside the ocean, under the moonlight along with some lanterns and a light breeze. However, something seems to be missing for it to be perfect and is the colour lilac. By adding a lilac theme to your wedding will make it reach the peak of perfection as t will totally complement the scenic beauty of the beach.

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Blush Pink

beach wedding blush pink

Another colour that is perfect for your beach wedding is blush pink as it is highly popular and will never go out of style. You won’t look back at your wedding pictures and regret your choice. It gives you exactly the wedding vibes with using the traditional colours in the form of toned down red and white. This colour will look stunning in the glittering sand and sun basked ocean.

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Teal Blue

beach wedding teal blue

Although, this colour is not like other colours in the list that are all pastel but it is definitely worthy to be called the colour of the beach. From the clear sky to the ocean breeze, this colour perfectly complements everything on the beach. This colour will go well with any kind of wedding arrangements and will make your wedding a hit among your guests. 

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