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    Are you willing to have a sustainable wedding? Read on to know some easy tips. 
    Published -06 Apr 2021, 15:00 ISTUpdated -19 Oct 2021, 17:36 IST
    Have A Sustainable Wedding

    Weddings are not merely ceremonies to celebrate the union of two people. It is much like a festival, wherein loved ones gather to mark, and bless two souls who are about to begin a new life together. While weddings are fun, we also know it is expensive and leads to many unnecessary wastages. 

    With time, people are now becoming responsible for their actions. Be it wedding or lifestyle, many are making efforts to not take a toll on the environment by adopting eco-friendly ways to live and celebrate. If you are also willing to have a low-cost, sustainable wedding, we are here to help. 

    Check out these easy, and doable tips to have the most amazing, and sustainable wedding. 

    Go For E-Invitations

    Go For E Invitations

    Given the current scenario, where the world is battling with the novel coronavirus, digitalisation seems to be becoming a crucial part of all our lives. Not only it is cheap, but also safe and eco-friendly. Instead of wasting papers, one can make evite. You can go for a simple design or show your creativity by inserting animations or emojis. 

    Pick The Location Wisely

    Pick The Location Wisely

    When it comes to a wedding venue, most of us think of a beautiful backdrop, with lavish décor. However, the most significant factor to decide should be the location. You don’t want your guests to travel all the way to the countryside, wasting their fuel and increasing pollution. Check your guest list, and figure out a place that could be near for everyone. 

    Green Menu

    Green Menu

    By green menu, we mean eco-friendly menu. This includes using sustainable cutleries, and buying food from local farms, and controlling food wastage. We all know, wedding and celebrations lead to maximum food wastage. In a country, where many are starving, we should be thoughtful of our actions. Don’t use plastic cups or plates to serve. Reduce usage of single-use tissue papers, put signs to reduce food wastage, and remember to give back to society. 

    Reusable Décor

    Reusable Décor

    Whenever our parents used to throw a birthday party (bachelorette party tips) at home, most of the décor items were saved to be used for another celebration. The same must be done when it comes to weddings. There is no point in throwing away all the décor items that cost way too much. You can either donate or actually use denoted décor for a sustainable wedding. 

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    Hire Smartly

    Hire Smartly

    This is the most crucial part of your wedding (stylish ways to coordinate bridesmaids dresses). You won’t be doing all the wedding arrangements on your own. You will need people who understand your vision well and work accordingly. Hence, it is significant that you hire smartly. Look for planners who have innovative ideas for sustainable wedding. Or, you can take the help of your creative friends to plan an eco-friendly wedding on your own. 

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    Do let us know if these tips helped you to have the wedding of your dreams by commenting on our Facebook page. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such stories. 

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