Choosing the colours for an outfit can be tricky. It can either go totally right or totally wrong. There is no in between. It doesn’t matter if your wardrobe is full of skirts, pants, shirts, tops and so on. If you don’t get the pairing part right, then it can leave you looking untidy and unpleasant. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to go for plain boring colour combinations for your outfits. We are here to show you a variety of outfits that can take your look to the next level. Try these colour combinations the next time you get ready.

Red and blue

blue red

You can never go wrong with this amazing combination of red and blue. A simple red shirt or sweater paired with blue denims can give you extremely elegant and chic look. This combination is perfect for every event, be it business or casual. Red and blue paired together looks perfect whether it is day or night. Rock this colour combination the next time and look your best without going over the top.

Green and yellow

green yellow

The perfect combination of green and yellow will make you look fresh and remind you a perfect sunny day in the garden. This combination goes well with almost all complexions. Try playing with different tones of yellow and green. Pair up the perfect shades of both the colours together and you will have all eyes on you. But remember, keep to pick the right shades and keep it simple. 

Pink and grey

grey pink

Pink and grey colour combination is something that you can never go wrong with. You can rock it any day in any season. It definitely looks wonderful in traditional but any piece of clothing in these colours will go great together. Such colours work best for a day out but you can pair this up for a night event as well.

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Black and orange

orange black

Nothing brings out the best in black like a bright colour and orange is the perfect choice to try on with black. People usually feel uncomfortable in bright colours but a bright colour such as orange paired with black gives your outfit the perfect balance and puts all the eyes on you. You can try this mix in a variety of garments and the result will always be impeccable. Don’t shy away from trying this combination as this combination can take your fashion game up a notch. 

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Purple and white

purple white

Everyone knows that white goes with every possible colour but what you don’t know is that white goes best with purple. This combination is so perfect that adding some accessories to this won’t hurt but instead enhance the look. Step out wearing this combination and add some gold or silver jewellery or even a scarf and you will your best.

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Maroon and peach

maroon peach

Maroon and peach is my all-time favourite blend. This bright and bold colour combination is perfect for the seasons of fall and winter. This is a pretty popular combination for weddings but this fusion is also perfect for your formal attire. The two colours effortlessly complementing each other in any setting is what makes this mixture flawless. 

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