People say that fashion trends return from time to time and that seems to be true. Because we are literally all over the 90’s fashion statements and using them in 2020! 

Believe it or not, from crop tops to knotted shirts, bell-bottoms and more, everything was once a high trend in the 90’s era and history is repeating itself by making these trends top the charts in 2020 too.

So, check out these astounding trends from the ’90s that have scored top places in the accessories world today.

Choker Necklaces

trendy s fashion accessories

Choker necklaces are the coolest accessories. They go with almost all the outfits in your wardrobe and make your neck look elongated. These necklaces were seen in various colours in the past, and now these have been redefined to match the trend criteria of today’s times. From Karishma to Kajol and Kareena to Sonam Kapoor, actresses have been spotted wearing these amazing pieces of casual jewellery over decades. 

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Chunky Sneakers

trendy s fashion accessories

Chunky sneakers are perhaps the most amazing trends that have reinvigorated during the last one year or so. These sneakers (DIY Makeover For Boring Sneakers) are designed with low weight and thick heel. These shoes look very trendy and classy and go with everything.

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These shoes were as popular in the ’90s as they are now. They feel super comfortable and stylish and people of all ages can don them. All famous brands such as Balenciaga, Fila, Nike, Adidas etc, are all over these sneakers with their latest catalogues brimming with similar patterns.

Tic-Tac Hair Clips

trendy s fashion accessories

I used to love the tic tac clips as a child, I had complete sets, with different colours and patterns. And, I am sure, everyone remembers having a bunch of such hairclips, at least all the 90’s girls would do. These clips were a hot trend in the ’90s From Hollywood to Bollywood and all other parts of the world, saw girls wearing super cool hair accessories during the 90’s period. And so, a wave of the 90’s era came, and all the fashionistas got drenched with it.

Thick Hair Bands

trendy s fashion accessories

Thick hairbands come in different styles and varieties. From the plastic hairbands to bandanas and scarfs to headbands all of these are trends from the mid-’90s.

And even today, we relate to these trends so much, that many famous influencers and actresses have been seen making a statement with such headbands. Like recently, Hina Khan shared a picture wearing this accessory.

Retro Sunshades

trendy s fashion accessories

Sunshades became very popular in the ’90s. In fact, it was a thing of class to be carrying a good pair of sunglasses. Further, people also went crazy for John Lenon’s round frames in the black shade, so much so, that almost every person owned a pair of these shades.

Coming back to today, people have started appreciating these stylish frames once again, not only different shape frames but also a fresh set of colours is being introduced with these new trendsetter glasses.

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These accessories from the past, are some of the most captivating and astoundingly hit accessories and now, that the trends are finally coming back, it’s time you immerse yourself in the world of fashion and find yourself a classic 90’s fashion accessory.

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