There are girls who love to style their tresses with trendy hairstyles and accessories and then there are those who just leave their hair flowing open to flow along with the air. No matter if you are a college-goer or a working woman, mornings are stressful and leave absolutely no time for styling the hair. At that moment all you want is for hair to co-operate or just magically suit your attire, but all this is far away from reality, right? Not completely! If you have little or no time to invest but still want the hair to look trendy, invest in accessories that look chic and are easy to carry for your everyday look. Check out these versatile hair add-ons that you can pair with all your apparel and are very easy to use. 

Hair Vines 

Hair Vines

You must have seen a lot of brides wearing the hair vine, but if you think it is only meant for special occasions, you are probably wrong. While the wedding hair vines are more luxurious, glittery and fancy, the one you can use on a daily basis is more simple and elegant. Invest in a couple of different styles. The simple floral ones look absolutely gorgeous on ethnic wear. There are many type available in market. Starting from the rose vines, to metal leafy ones there is so much variety available in the market. All you need to do is learn how to use it quickly on a daily basis. The key is practice, but it is not at all hard to use and apply on hair. Take an end of a hair strand, start twisting both along and you are good to go. 

Knotted Headband 


These are one of the most trendy hair accessories. Knotted headband comes in all the patterns and designs. Floral, straps, polka dots, tribal prints and much more. If you are having a bad hair day, all you need to do is casually tie your hair in a high bun with a simple black tie and apply the band. This will turn your boring hairdo into a fun hairstyle. If you are going for a weekend getaway and want to protect your hair while looking fabulous, nothing can be better than putting your hair together with a knotted headband. Donning white tee and simple pair of jeans? Put the knotted band and make everyone’s head turn. 

Bow-Topped Hair Tie 


Don’t we all put or hair in a neat or messy bun from every third day or washing them? After all who want to show all that grease up there. These buns need not be boring. With right hair accessories, one can turn that boring bun into a cool hairstyle. The bow-topped hair tie can never make you look out of fashion.

It can fit along with all your outfits. Be it a simple formal look, or cute casual outing appearance, the bow hair tie adds that extra glamour. While black ones look adorable, investing in nude bow-ties can never go wrong. 

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Geometric Hair Clips 


Most fashionable and chic hair add-ons are the geometric hair clips. Wear it at a wedding party, office, college or even at a formal meeting, there is no way the geometric hair clips can go wrong. These are mostly available in rose gold, silver, metallic and golden colour. Either you can buy the one that comes with pin attachment, or the ties. Half pony, side twist and simple tie hairstyles go with geometric hair clips.