Pears or Nashpati fruit is synonymous to monsoon season. They come in different types, small big, very juicy, not so juicy but sweet... well we can go on with the colours as well... but the point here is that there are many health benefits attached to the fruit so there is nothing wrong in consuming them one or two every day. In fact, we should make it a staple till the season lasts. You can lose weight, have better blood circulation, bone health with this fruit so what else do you want? 

Want to know all the health benefits of this fruit? Here you go:


Pears are an amazing source of antioxidants and dietary fiber. Just one pear of medium size has 6 grams of fiber, which is around 24 percent of what women under the age bracket of 50 need on a daily basis. 

Weight Loss

pears weight loss

Since this fruit is high in fiber, they are also low in calories. As per studies, increased fiber intake means weight loss for obese individuals


diabetes weight loss

In general, a high-fiber diet means a lower risk of developing diabetes. It also stands for the fact that the blood sugar level is stable. So a pear a day, keeps the doc away too?

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The fiber present in pears keeps constipation at bay and promotes regularity if you want a healthy digestive tract. Also, pears are very good for detoxing our bodies. This fruit has 94% water which is of great help in keeping the stools soft and hence it is very good for flushing out the toxins. 

Improve Bone Health

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Pears are very high in minerals like magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and copper. These minerals help in reducing bone mineral loss and work on conditions like osteoporosis.

Blood Circulation

If you know someone or are someone who has anemia then pears should be your best friends. Why? Simply because they are high on Iron and copper.  Copper helps in improving the uptake of minerals into the system, and iron is synonymous to red blood cell synthesis increase. Now we all know that iron is an important part of hemoglobin, and anemia is another name for iron deficiency.Have pears as they help in preventing fatigue, muscle weakness, and organ system malfunction.  by consuming foods high in iron and copper, both of which are found in significant amounts in pears.