Harshita Dilawri, Nutritionist & Diabetic Educator says that fruits are the fabulous food as it is portable and come handy during travelling and don’t occupy much space in your bag and so we can say fruits are the “nature’s fast food”. Fruits are considered to be the great source of nutrition. These nutrients and vitals helps in reducing the risk of some diseases. But there is a fact that a fruit contains relatively high sugars content. So, the consumption of fruits is good or bad? It is considered to be bad to consume excessive sugar content and some of the fruits which contain high sugar levels are- litchis, passionfruit, pomegranate, mangos, cherries, bananas, oranges, etc. excessive sugar is bad for the human as it is it reduces the capability of metabolism.

Most of the people today have different opinions on fruits. Some think, they are high in sugar and eat consciously while some eat liberally. It’s important to emphasise that the sugar in fruits doesn’t deserve to get kicked to the curb and we can’t compare the sugar in fruits with donuts and bananas.


Eating fruit is associated with lots of health benefits: improved heart health, protection from chronic diseases and a healthy weight which clearly shows that we definitely can’t say the same for donuts or any other products with added sugars for that matter.

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Most fruits are typically a good source of fiber- an essential nutrient 95% of us don't get enough of. Not only is fiber great for our digestive and gut health, but it also helps slow our body's role when breaking down fruit sugar, so we don't experience the same sugar high we would if we had eaten candy or cookies instead. Most products with added sugars don't contain fiber, which allows for insulin spikes and leaves you hungry again an hour later.

A Fruit is also a wonderful source of vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants that ward of inflammation and chronic diseases. The antioxidant power of apple, for example, it fights off several types of cancer-maybe an apple a day really keeps the doctor away after all. And those bananas people compare to donuts are good sources of potassium, B vitamins, and Vitamin C.

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What about for someone who is watching their carb intake?

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If you need to watch your sugar or carb intake, you may want to be more careful about portioning out your fruit but it doesn't mean you shouldn't eat it. Try pairing fruit with a healthy fat or protein, like apple and almond butter, banana and peanut butter or pear and cheese, apple and almonds, banana and walnuts.

Eating fruit hasn't been linked with higher blood sugar, even for people with diabetes.

Is fresh fruit the best option?

Dried fruit, canned fruit and frozen fruit might have added sugar, so check the labels. If you buy plain versions with just fruit as an ingredient it can be a really affordable way to add more fruit to your diet. We can especially pick up frozen fruit for smoothies and dried fruit for snacking.

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The benefits to eating fruit definitely outweigh any downsides. A Fruit has so many great nutritional qualities and it just happens to taste good. That's a win-win in everyone’s book.