Want glowing skin? Include these 7 foods in your diet plan, experts suggest. There have been various products in the market claiming to make your skin fairer by restoring its lost glow. However, there is no guarantee that comes along, even after weeks and months, there is no visible proof. Tired of trying? Here’s the dope. Include these 7 food items in your daily diet to make your skin glow. Nutritionist Kavita Devgan is telling how you can get desired results by adopting easy to consume foods. Read on…

Indian Gooseberry

glowing skin tips amla

Indian Gooseberry or Amla is generally used to make pickle or jam, however it also cures various skin related diseases. The amla fruit can be eaten raw or in the form of juices. This fruit is one of the most important remedies for the skin. Daily intake of Amla makes your skin glowing and helps in improving digestive system.

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Coconut Water

Apart from curing heart-attack, digestive system and diabetes, coconut water is equally good for your skin. This natural water is full antioxidants, regulates blood glucose level and can lower cholesterol. Drink coconut water one in a week for glowing skin.


glowing skin tips walnut

Walnut is largely used to make cookies, cakes and chocolates. Today most of the beauty products use walnut for better results, however including this food item in your diet is much better. As we all know, walnuts are rich in fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Thus make it a habit to consume walnuts in order to see visible results.


glowing skin tips orange

We all love oranges. Don’t we? This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and helps cure skin related problems. It is highly advisable to consume oranges to avoid pimples, dark spots and wrinkles.


glowing skin tips lemon

Lemons are largely used in various face packs and creams selling in the market. However, drinking lemonade or eating with salad is more beneficial because lemons are a rich source of Vitamin C. You can consume lemon is some way or the other to make your skin unblemished.


Curd is considered to be the super food. It is suggested by the nutritionists to include curd either in lunch or dinner for health benefits. Plus curd is easy to digest as compared to milk. Apart from improving stomach related problems such as constipation and gas, this food item is a good tool to make your skin healthier. Are you consuming?


glowing skin tips apple

Someone has rightly quoted, “an apple a day keeps the doctor way.” This magical fruit contains nutrients and phytochemicals, which help in fighting against cancer. Start eating apples right away. If you are seeking better and reliable sources to make your skin healthy and glowing, avoid excessive usage of beauty products and go natural this season.

Foods You Should Avoid Eating

  • Maintaining a proper balance between what you should eat and what you shouldn't eat is very important. As much as the above-mentioned foods are going to help you the following foods are going to pull you back. So, avoid these foods for glowing skin.
  • Processed Sugar and flour: Processed sugar and flour feed the bad bacteria in the gut and make it vulnerable by pushing out good bacteria which in turn affects the skin. The imbalances created cause breakouts on the skin and hence deplete the shine and glow on your face.
  • Refined Carbohydrates: Refined carbs can make your skin dull and age faster as they create molecules of advanced glycation in the body.
  • Dairy Products: Too many dairy products can cause inflammation and thus affect the skin condition.
  • Soy: Soy contains phytoestrogens that cause an imbalance in the body and affect skin health.
  • Fast Foods: These foods contained refined vegetable oils and carbs with fats etc, they interfere with the proper working of the gut and hence must not be consumed in large quantities.
  • Other foods that cause imbalances are wheat, gluten, alcohol, processed meats, spicy foods, caffeine, and nuts.


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