Consuming juice is an easy way to get nutrition from one or a variety of food elements together. Most of the drinks are light, and yummier than their fruits. From kids to adults, everyone loves gulping down this incredible beverage. Often we look for a juice that can boost our health, along with benefitting our skin and hair. Most of the juices made from seasonal fruits are somewhat all-rounders, but the prune juice, made from different types of dried plumps are available throughout the year. They are distinct in colour, texture, and taste, and comes with a slew of health advantages, especially for ladies, such as: 

Protect Bones During Menopause

Women have to deal with natural cycles of their bodies, which also includes menopause. During the natural decline in reproductive hormones, the body becomes vulnerable, leading to several issues, such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, mood swings, etc. Other than this, the estrogen levels of the body also happen to drop off, affecting an individual’s bone health. Food items like prune juice can help, giving protection to the bones by maintaining bone mineral density (BMD). 

Keep Skin Problems At Bay 

Keep Skin Problems At Bay

Despite the age or gender, everyone wants to have skin that is free from problems like pimples, blemishes, or wrinkles. All of these are becoming common issues, given our sedentary lifestyles. Adding prune juice in the daily diet is likely to reduce these skin troubles to a great extent. If your colon will stay clean and free from toxins, your skin will automatically become better over time. Juice made from dried plumps is known for its colon cleansing properties. Therefore, if not daily, then try having it weekly to keep the stomach and skin healthy. 

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Boosts Hair Growth 

Poor diet, or ineffective hair care regimen can result in weak, brittle locks. This also causes several other hair related problems, including hair whitening, dandruff, hair fall, split ends, etc. No one wants to deal with such issues, that’s why consuming elements like prune juice is recommended. The mineral in it plays a significant role in providing nourishment to the hair, along with the scalp. Not only prune juice will provide the essential nutrients to your hair roots, but will also promote hair growth and give you shiny and lustrous mane. 

Stabilises Blood Sugar

Stabilises Blood Sugar

Blood sugar is an imperative element in the body, responsible for providing energy to function throughout the day. If the normal flow of glucose gets constantly interrupted, you are likely to feel increased thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath, etc. The soluble fibre available in prune juice is known to stabilise blood sugar levels in the body. Prune juice decreases the rate at which the stomach absorbs the glucose. Therefore, it normalise the blood sugar and prevents diabetes.  

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Prevents Constipation

Eating junk and oily food can take a toll on your stomach and overall health. While most people cannot control their daily eating habits, They at least can take in a few healthy components like prune juice to keep problems like constipation at bay. In fact, prune juice is a commonly known remedy to deal with constipation. It is very rich in insoluble fibre content, which makes it easier for stools to pass. 

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