For a long time, my mother used to make this 'sabji' every weekend for me and made sure that I finish a bowl every time. This has been a tradition in our house since... can't tell you my age but forever! Now I understand what was the reason behind it and it was the health benefits it has besides being tasty! At that time it was all about blood circulation, digestion, vitamin C and heart health but now I look at the fact that it helps in reducing stress and yup the weight loss.

Blood Circulation

This root is very good for stimulating blood circulation which helps in increasing oxygenation of the organs and helps increase the functionality and energy levels. It also has iron and copper content which is good for red blood cell production, reducing chances of developing anemia and increasing blood flow and blood flow.

Manages Weight

weight lotus

If you want to lose weight then this root is for you. It is low in calories and is high in nutrients and fiber. It is loaded with nutrients which reduces the chances of overeating and helps manage obesity.

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Blood Pressure

blood pressure lose weight

Lotus stem has a good amount of potassium which ensures a proper balance between the fluids in the body. It also counteracts the effect of sodium in our bloodstreams. Potassium relaxes the blood vessels and lessens the contraction and rigidity. It also helps in increasing blood flow and reduces the strain on the cardiovascular system.

Reduces Stress

stress reduction

Bhe ki sabji has vitamin B. It directly interacts with neural receptors in the brain which many of did not know, influence our mood and mental states. It also controls headaches,  irritability, and stress levels. 

Improves Digestion

digestion lotus stem

This vegetable is packed with dietary fiber, which is good for adding bulk to your stool and helps with the bowel movement as well. It can also reduce the symptoms of constipation.