Kareena Kapoor Khan announced great news this week that she and Saif Ali Khan are having another baby after Taimur and the internet was abuzz with the news. Her nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar took to her social media account and shared a diet plan that Kareena followed in the month of may, pre-pregnancy. It is a very simple diet plan that anyone can follow if you have the determination. 

Rujuta Diwekar took to her Instagram and shared a pic from Kareena's cover shoot that Saif shot. She wrote the gorgeous actress' complete diet that she followed from late May to mid-June. She wrote: "The good news is that you don’t have to deprive yourself of good food to look good. Sustainable diets keep you sexy and sane. This is exactly what @kareenakapoorkhan was eating and working out around late May - mid June when she shot for the #filmfare cover."

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Meal One: Soaked badams / Banana: 9-10 am

Meal Two: Dahi rice & papad OR roti paneer sabzi & dal: 12 pm

Meal Three: small bowl of papaya OR handful of peanuts OR piece of cheese OR some makhana: 2-3 pm

Meal Four: Mango milkshake OR bowl of litchi OR some chivda: 5-6 pm

Meal Five: Veg pulao & raita OR. Palak or pudina roti with boondi raita OR. Dal rice & sabzi: 8 pm

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An open letter from Haldi Hey you! Yes, you, checking out the curcumin pill in the supermarket aisle. That’s not how I am pronounced. But then this is also not where I am found. Once upon a time, I enjoyed a rather enviable place in the kitchen, sorry, hearts of people. If you had a cut, I was there to heal it. If you were getting married, I was a part of the festivities. If you couldn’t sleep, I was there to soothe you. Your dals, sabzis, even poojas were incomplete without me. Now the woke have woken up to my glories and I am being industrialized as a commodity that removes inflammation, infection and boosts immunity. In the western world, I can now be found as part of breakfast cereals, lattes and shot up in the morning with a glass of water. I have also been turned into gels, pills and pumps. But what breaks my heart is the way people I consider mine treat me. They don’t call me by my name now but as a product. Turmeric lattes are getting launched in India. India? We have lost so much pride, and more importantly, commonsense, that we are now copying the people who copied us. I didn’t flinch when you stopped using me in sabzis as you replaced them with a salad. When you traded haldi milk for chamomile tea, I didn’t sit in a corner and cry. When you used creams instead of me on your skin, I didn’t complain. You know why? Not because I lacked confidence to speak up but because I was understanding of the fact that this is how colonized countries behave. They look down upon their own, they trade them for poorer but “master” approved stuff. I have been around for millennia, a decade or two of being neglected didn’t faze me. Coz I knew you would come around. Come around to realizing that you have been neglecting priceless wisdom just because it’s transmitted in a native language and by women. Food traditions, when used to their full potential, not just lead to thriving health but also boost local economy and protect ecology. Instead, you appropriated me, reduced me to just one of my molecules and branded, packaged me and acted like you gifted me to the world. You reduced me to who I am not. This gel, this shot, this pill and this pandemic is on you.

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Bedtime: Haldi milk with a little nutmeg

If hungry in bet - fresh fruit, curd with raisins or cashews, Nimbu sherbet, Nariyal pani, Chaas with kalanamak & hing

Weekly workout:

Day One: 20 mins treadmill: Focus on speed

Day two: Yoga routine

Day 3: Break

Day 4: Home strength training workout

Day 5: 40 mins on treadmill, focus on staying on steady speed

Day 6: Restorative yoga postures or Core workout

Day 7: Break

When Kareena had Taimur, her post-pregnancy weight loss was also a much talked about topic because she lost those pounds quite fast, something most women struggle. In an interview, Kareena had shared some tips. 
The actor added that besides following a disciplined diet, she exercised regularly and slept on time - and she said that these three things made a huge difference to her waistline. She also said that it took her one year to get in shape, which is completely normal. She also encouraged people to listen to their bodies and eat holistically:
"I also want other moms to know this when I say, eat to help your body get nutrition from the inside and not lose weight fast. It should be holistic, not just weight loss".

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Kareena also stressed on the importance of including nutrient-rich, seasonal food in your diet, which we absolutely agree. Locally grown, organic and conscious food benefits your body in a lot more ways than you know and helps you get fit from the inside. She also gave a low down of her summer must-haves, adding that she never misses out on the summer foods like mangoes (yes, Kareena loves eating them like you), dahi chawal, kokum drinks and even nimbu pani, which keeps them hydrated and infused with essential proteins!
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