From the time immemorial, makhan or butter has been loved by Indians is being consumed on a regular basis. Back in times, it was made at home by adding any preservatives and colours. Nowadays, while most people have quit consuming butter, others rely on store-bought butter. 

There are very fewer households that churn out butter from milk at home. Not only they are more healthy, but it tastes better than any other type of butter or fat. If you also by your butter for the daily consumption from the outside, read on these advantages of white homemade butter. These will convince you to switch to white better as soon as possible!  

Has Fat Soluble Vitamins

Has Fat-Soluble Vitamins

One of the major concerns when consuming butter is that it should make you bulky. However, it is also important to note that fat is very important for your body to function in an efficient way. Instead of trans fat, switch to healthier fats that have soluble vitamins, including vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin K2. The healthy white butter will give you all of these, without making you rely on other sources. 

Has A Lot Of Healthy Saturated Fats

Many believe that butter has saturated fat that is not at all healthy for your body. This is not actually true. If health reports are to be believed, there is no association between saturated fat intake and cardiovascular diseases. This is because saturated fats boost good cholesterol levels, whereas the bad ones lower your bad LDL cholesterols. 

Has A Lot Of Healthy Saturated Fats

Lowers Heart Attack Risk

Cardiovascular diseases around the world have increased massively due to people’s changing lifestyles. Everyone somehow indulges less in physical work and keeps ingesting junks. Minor changes can improve the situation. Such as eating white butter that is actually pretty good for your heart, due to its vitamin K2 content.

A Great Source Of The Fatty Acid

Butter is packed with butyrate, known as the fatty acid produced by bacteria found in the colon. It can likely to prevent weight gain by increasing energy expenditure. This process enables an individual to reduce food intake and also allows to improves the functionality of insulin.

A Great Source Of The Fatty Acid

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Treats Minor Infections

The white butter comes with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are great for your immune system. The healthier your immune system, the less likely you’re to have minor illnesses like an upset tummy or cold and flu. More than ever, we need our immune systems to stay in the best possible state to protect ourselves from getting prey of the novel coronavirus. Besides eating all your veggies and fruits, also add healthy fats to assist your body to process all that you are putting in your system. 

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