Many of us love banana chips so much that we tend to overeat them as they are seriously yummy. It does have some benefits but then gorging on them also has harmful effects. Let's explore what is good and what is not good about these favourite snacks we tend to go crazy with. 


energy banana chips

These chips and high on calories off course. A 42-gram serving has 218 calories. Everyday we are supposed to have around 2000 calories wherein most of it comes from carbs and fat – 25 and 14 grams each respectively. Both are concentrated sources of energy. This basically means that banana chips can keep your body energised between meals but if you have large potions it will definitely not do wonders for your weight.  

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You will get some nutritional value from these chips as they are a good source of vitamins, especially magnesium. Our body needs magnesium for energy production, it is important part of cell growth. Magnesium also works well with calcium and phosphorus which make up our tooth and bone tissues. A serving of banana chips is equivalent to 32 milligrams of magnesium. So yes it is good for us but then a moderate amount is enough. 


Banana chips have amazing amount of potassium content where each serving has 225 milligrams of it. Which makes for 5 percent of the potassium you need every day. It offers health benefits like supporting our muscles and nerves and it also has blood pressure-lowering properties.  

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Other Drawbacks to Consider

The chips that you buy from shops are generally fried and sweetened which makes them high in fat and added sugar. Fat is any day bad for us and the added sugar that they contain, are sources for obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. 

Have it, we are not saying that don't, just keep it to moderation.