With the ongoing Pandemic Coronavirus taking over the world, many have stopped eating food from outside and buying non-veg. If you too have and are missing your meat then Yam or Suran or Jimikand is one vegetable that may fill the void. It tastes like non-veg and has many health benefits as well. From being an anti-cancerous food to being good for brain functioning, here are the benefits that you must know.


Jimikand is one vegetable that is packed with a lot of fibre and is a source of minerals and vitamins. It is also very rich in vitamin C, copper, potassium and manganese.



It is said that yam is great for easing the symptoms of menopause. As per a study, 24 postmenopausal women started having yams instead of rice in 2 meals a day. This made their blood levels of estrone and estradiol increase by 26%. These are hormones that tend to decrease during menopause but due to yams it increased, easing the symptoms. 

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Brain Function

brain function jimikand

Yams have diosgenin, which is said to promote neuron growth and enhance brain function as per reports. Now, this compound helps in improving our memory. 

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According to studies, yams have resistant starch that may help in increasing those digestive enzymes which help in breaking down the food we consume. That in turn increases the good bacteria in your gut.

Cancer-Fighting Properties

Suran has many antioxidants that are said to have anti-cancer properties. But nothing is proven yet so it is advised you speak to your doctor first. 

Weight Loss

Yams reportedly may reduce the appetite of the person and help in weight loss. It is the fibre in Jimikand which make us feel full.

How to add it to your diet?

Yam fries can be made buy cutting them into wedges like chips and bake or fry them.  

Mashed yams can be made by peeling, boiling, and mashing the yams and then add milk and other seasonings.  

Have it in the form of curries or pakoras and enjoy it with hot tea.