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Top 5 Foods To Eat On An Empty Stomach

When you wake up in the morning, what goes inside your tummy can decide how nice and healthy you feel all throughout the day.
  • Tanushree De
  • Editorial
Published -28 Jan 2019, 21:30 ISTUpdated -29 Mar 2019, 20:10 IST
best foods empty  stomach

You are what you eat. If there ever was a saying about food then there can’t be anything truer than this. So when you wake up in the morning, what goes inside your tummy can decide how nice and healthy you feel all throughout the day. And that’s why it is necessary for you to have a super yummy and nutritious breakfast that has everything to detoxify your body first thing in the morning while getting it ready to take on the entire day.

Fresh Fruits

fresh fruits empty stomach

Image Courtesy: www.jooinn.com

Fruits should definitely be a part of your breakfast and you should have a colourful platter to consume all the vitamins and minerals required by your body. The fibre in fruits also helps you stay full for a long time so say bye bye to bingeing after having a fruity meal in the morning. Only thing to avoid – citrus fruits, that too in case you have severe acidity or cold.


porridge empty stomach

A creamy, steaming bowl of porridge is just what your tummy needs in the morning. So don’t think that having porridge as breakfast can be boring. Just jazz up your regular bowl of porridge with nuts, berries, jelly beans, yoghurt, granola, honey, fruits or whatever you like to have a meal that will satisfy your senses. Begin a great day by making a wholesome oats porridge breakfast with Bagrry's White Oats. A 1kg pouch of this is available for Rs 190 in market. Get it here for Rs 159 only.

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Soaked Almonds

almonds empty stomach

Packed with Vitamin E, protein, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid, manganese and fibre, almonds are your BBFs (Best Breakfast Foods). But make sure you have them every day in winter season after soaking them overnight or else be prepared to have a breakout here and there on your face. If you want to buy a nutritious pack of almonds, try Tulsi California Rozana Almond. Available for Rs 550 in the market, you can buy it here for Rs 440 only.


eggs empty stomach

Sunny side up, boiled, poached or fried - eggs are the breakfast buddies that will make you feel oh so good. Loaded elp with proteins and other nutrients, eggs with a slice of bread will get you all up and going. With a full stomach, you are less likely to have hunger pangs so eggs aid you in weight management too.


honey empty stomach

Honey with a glass of warm water is just what you need to clean your body and amp up your metabolism to make you feel energetic. Full of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and flavonoids, the honey+warm water combo will have your tummy thanking you every day. Confused about which organic honey brand to go for? Try the Organic India Forest Honey. A pack of 2 bottles is available at an MRP of Rs 460 but you can get it here for just Rs 375.

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