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Have Bajra Roti For Losing Weight In A Healthy Way

If you are on a weight loss journey then add bajra roti to your meals for losing fat in a healthy way in addition to other health benefits it has.
Published -13 Nov 2020, 09:00 ISTUpdated -13 Nov 2020, 08:32 IST
bajra roti benefits main

Hot chapatis made from wheat are good but when it comes to losing weight, we are asked to either skip them or switch to something healthier. There are many options out there like ragi or nachni flour but there is a more desi option and here we are talking about millet flour or bajra flour. These are gluten-free rotis which are not just excellent for your health but also for those who have embarked on a weight loss journey. Checkout what all this food item can do once you embrace it. 


We all need proteins in our bodies and are asked to have food items rich in proteins in some or the other way. Bajre ke atta is one such flour which helps in muscle strengthening and tissue repair.  If you get bored of chicken and eggs, include this grain as well. 


It is often said that glute is the last thing you should be having especially when you are a fitness freak. Gluten-free food is very healthy for us all. These food items help prevent celiac disease which is a disorder where the small intestines are damaged due to the ingestion of gluten. Bajra is an excellent option especially for those suffering from celiac disease as it is a gluten free food. 

Heart Health

bajra heart

Grains are anyway said to be excellent for the heart so that includes bajra in the list. It is said to lower your blood pressure and help in the smooth functioning of the cardiovascular system. This in turn boils down to lowering the risk of getting a heart stroke or attack. 


digestion bajra

Bajra is good for reducing bile acid secretion which lowers gallstone formation risk as it is a rich source of insoluble fiber. Fiber-rich food sources are good for the digestive system and help prevent bloating, gas, cramps and issues with the bowels. 



diabetes bajra

This is one disease that can lead to many other medical issues if not kept in check. To keep the blood sugar levels in check, it is important to have the right foods as well. This is where bajra steps in which is rich in magnesium. This helps in controlling the glucose receptors in the body. The fiber helps in weight management which too is important in preventing diabetes.

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Add bajra to your diet but consult your doctor before you make anything a regular part of your diet. 

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