Who doesn’t love coffee? Chai lovers, you can take a break from this one because this is a space for coffee lovers! However, if you happen to ever go for a formal business meeting or even hang out with people who indulge in coffee and don’t know what to order, read on.

There are so many times that we go to fancy restaurants and order coffee. When we ask the waiter to get coffee for us, we are faced with the “what coffee ma’am?” question and that’s a dead end. This is when we resort to our same old virgin mojito. To save you from the embarrassment we are here with a list of coffees that are most commonly served at the cafes, how to pronounce them and what they really consist of.


espresso coffee one

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Espresso is used as the base for any kind of coffee and is a beverage in itself as well. It is made using an espresso machine that forces boiling hot water through coffee beans that are grounded. The drink that is made via this process is called an espresso shot and is very strong. If you are extremely sleepy and see no scope to sleep any time soon, one espresso shot down your system and you will be wide awake! A common mistake that people make while ordering this beverage is calling it-’Ex-presso’ instead of ‘Ess-press-o’. (learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee)


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This is one of the most common coffee-based beverages that you will find. A combination of steamed milk and espresso shot, a latte, or a cafe latte is comparatively less bitter and more creamy. It has one or two shots of espresso and the remaining cup is filled with steamed milk. To top it all, there is a layer of milk froth on the top. This cup of coffee works best if you want something milky, mild flavour of coffee and aesthetic looking. This beverage is pronounced as ‘laa-tay’.

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Yet another blend of steamed milk and espresso shots. While a lot of people confuse cappuccino with latte, they are not the same. A cup of cappuccino has equal parts of both espresso shots and steamed milk(make the perfect cappuccino). On the other hand, a latte has way less quantity of espresso than steamed milk. This beverage is pronounced as ‘ka-puh-chee-no’.


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Stronger than a latte and milder than an espresso shot, an Americano is prepared by pouring hot water in a cup that has espresso shots. An Americano is pretty strong in itself and is perfect to order with classic doughnuts. The usual ratio of espresso shots to water is usually half and half. You can order for yourself a cold as well as a hot Americano. You can pronounce this beverage this way- ‘un-meh-ri-kaa-no’.

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Espresso Macchiato

espresso macchiato one

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Yet another hot beverage that has a very strong flavour of coffee, Espresso Macchiato is nothing but shots of espresso topped with a dollop of foamy milk. Macchiato in Italy means stained, so it indicates that the shots of espresso have been stained by steamed milk. While pronouncing this word, break it into the syllables of ‘maa-kee-aa-tow’. 

We hope you found this article useful and now your coffee basics are clear! Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content!