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Visit Mayapur To Experience Spirituality Like Never Before

Looking for answers to feed your spiritual thirst? Visit Mayapur!
  • Riddhi Kaushik
  • Editorial
Published -08 Jul 2021, 15:09 ISTUpdated -08 Jul 2021, 15:47 IST
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When it comes to spirituality, we all have our own ways of experiencing it. Some of us find spirituality in temples while some of us in certain quiet places. The concept of spirituality is still debated upon because of the varied interpretations of the term. While some think it is to do with devotion, some feel it is religiousness. To break the myth, spirituality is actually concerned with the human spirit, the soul instead of physical things or materials. If you want to come to terms with the feeling of spirituality you must visit Mayapur. 

History Of Mayapur

Mayapur is a small town in Bengal. This village came into being in the year 1970 when Bhaktiveda Swami Prabhupada, established the base of his spiritual foundation here. He had a vision to create a space for providing a beautiful experience in terms of culture, education, and spirituality for the people. He hoped to grow Krishna Consciousness among people. The specialty of this place is that this is where the famous International Society for Krishna Consciousness(ISKON) was founded. 

What Is It About Mayapur That Makes It A Spiritual Town 

mayapur and foreigners krishna prayers one

Image Credit: new-img.patrika

A lot of places have ISKON temples, not just in India but even abroad. Then what is it about Mayapur that makes it any different? Well, there are some emotions that one can only feel when they experience it and we highly recommend you to visit this place. Till then, for your benefit, we will take you through some of the most important places that you must visit when you are at Mayapur. Before we get to the itinerary, let us give you a feel of Mayapur. Just imagine you enter a small town. The sky is bluer than any of your city skies. The birds are not chirping, rather singing. The sun is shining but the trees make sure you are not beaten by the heat. You walk on the streets to see foreigners wearing lungi and kurta with their heads shaved and an orange tika on their forehead. They are either on foot or on cycle. There are several women who are foreigners too and you can only tell by the colour of their hair and skin because otherwise they are dressed in saree. You happen to think that they are also tourists, just like you but then you see them enter their homes, they are localities. The spirituality of Mayapur has drawn them to settle here. Their children have been born and brought up here. Where do they study? There is Gurukul down the road, where children are chanting shlokas and reading Geeta. This place has spirituality in its air and you breathe it while you are here. While you are here, these are the places you must go to. 

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The ISKON Chandrodaya Temple

mayapur iskon temple one

Image Credit: upload.wikimedia

This temple is the headquarters of the Krishna Consciousness movement. It has a beautiful architecture and is considered one of the holiest places in the country. There are idols of Krishna, Radha, Gopis, Srila Prabhupada. The attires of Lord Krishna and Radha are changed on a daily basis and they conduct morning and evening prayers here. In the end, people chant “Hare Krishna” in unison. Right outside the temple in the front yard, women get together to make rangolis. In the evening you can see several women using flowers and colours to make designs on the floor and children playing around. 

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Shree Mayapur International School 

mayapur international school gurukul one

Image Credit:i.ytimg

There are hardly any gurukuls in the country today. This particular one is keeping the tradition of gurukuls and the culture of India alive. Something that will stand out when you visit this school is that young foreign children will be reading books in Sanskrit, dressed in traditional Indian attire. The movement of Krishna consciousness must not deprive children of their education and that is why this school makes sure to impart values and education to children. They will study, read, play and even learn life skills in this school. Quite an experience, even as a tourist. 

Yoga Peeth

mayapur hare krishna movement one

Image Credit: back2godhead

This is the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the man who was thought of as the reincarnation of Lord Krishna. It is now a yoga center where people come together in peace to witness positive energy. 

Mayapur Market 

If you love shopping, you need to visit this place. You will find beautiful Krishna idols, books, items for puja, and sweets! The market will always be packed with excited visitors who want to take back souvenirs from Mayapur to their homes!

Govinda Restaurant 

When at Mayapur, you will be surprised by the prasad that they offer after the prayers. Due to the huge number of foreigners living, along with the usual, they have pizza, cakes, bread, etc for prasad. After you have taken the prasad, if you are hungry, head to Govinda’s restaurant. It is the most popular and the oldest restaurant in Mayapur. This restaurant has polite staff and food that tastes very pure and light. 

Go to Mayapur to feel spirituality like you have never before and stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content!

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