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    HZ Tried & Tested: Tupperware Masala Keeper Spice It Container Detailed Review

    Should you replace your masaladaani with this spice container by Tupperware? Read my review.  
    Updated at - 2021-07-27,14:58 IST
    tupperware masala box spice container

    We can't really imagine our kitchen without a masala box. Can we? For years we had this steel dabba with small containers to keep the spices. This time, I thought of replacing it with a new one. 

    I got my hands on this masala keeper spice it container by Tupperware and have been using it for months in my kitchen now. Should you buy it for your kitchen? Read my detailed review. 


    spice box tupperware

    • Airtight lid
    • Easy to open
    • Easy to clean
    • Ideal for daily use 


    This spice box came in a regular white cardboard box. 


    The Masala Keeper Spice It Container is priced at INR 940 but you might get it at a discounted rate online.


    This Tupperware spice box is a food grade plastic container with small 7 cups/containers for spices. 

    My Experience 

    Turmeric to red chilli powder, we use a variety of spices everyday while preparing food but some of them are simply essentials. For me, it has to be salt, turmeric, garam masala, black pepper powder, ajwain or carom seeds, and chat masala. 

    The masaladaani I had earlier had smaller containers/cups, so, firstly, I am happy with the size of the cups. I don't have to refill them just everyday. According to my usage, I refill about every 20 days. 

    small spoon tupperware container

    Also, I am happy that this box comes with a small spoon to scoop out the spices. Using a regular spoon every time to take out the spices is a task. Also, it fits in perfectly so I don't have to look out for a spoon while cooking. 

    Now let's talk about cleaning the spice box. Yes, I know. It isn't a very fun task. Taking out all those cups (in some cases they are attached), transferring the spices, cleaning, drying. It is a long process indeed! The good thing about cleaning this spice box was that the spice containers were detachable so I could clean them all easily. Also, the inner wall of the container is smooth so no spice sticks to them. The plastic dries quickly so you don't have to wait for very long. 

    Lastly, let's also talk about the size of the box. It isn't too big or too small to fit on your kitchen slab. 

    tupperware masaladaani

    Overall, I would say that if you are hunting for a new spice box to replace your old one, this one can be a good option. It is affordable, easy to use, and easy to clean. What more do we really want out of a masaladaani

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    • Easy to open and use
    • Easy to clean container
    • 7 small containers to fit in everyday spices 
    • Comes with a small spoon to scoop out spices
    • Airtight box, keeps my spices dry and fresh


    • Though the plastic used by the brand is completely safe, those who don't like using the material might not like it.


    tupperware spice box review price

    It is a wide container that fits in a good amount of cups/containers for my everyday spices. I love the fact that the small containers aren't attached to the box which makes it really easy for me to clean each of them properly. 

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    Overall, I think for the price it is a good buy for anyone looking for an airtight container to keep your spices dry and fresh. 



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