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    The Best Instagram Food Trends

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    • Neha Pande
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    Published -19 Oct 2021, 15:29 ISTUpdated -19 Oct 2021, 15:50 IST
    viral food trends on instagram

    Food is just one of the best things about being human; you can fry, bake and create almost anything you want to eat. Food trends are just amazing as they open a whole new world of food and culinary art. Instagram has definitely become the IT place for everyone to post their yummy delights and show them to the world. 

    Food trends are definitely fun to try and just so satisfying to watch. You must have watched one video on Instagram then just sucked into this delightful paradise of food trends. Here we have the best viral food trends to satisfy your eyes and hunger. 

    Dalgona Coffee

    dalgona coffee

    Image courtesy; instagram

    If you remember the quarantine lockdown period of 2020 then you definitely must be familiar or have even made Dalgona Coffee. This fluffy cloudy paradise was a big hit during the lockdown period with everyone making it all the time. Being stuck at home you definitely can't go to Starbucks so how about you being Starbucks at home with this amzingly soft clody whipped coffee which looks amazing and tastes even better. This is super easy to make especially if you have a frother or a hand blender to fluff up the cloud of coffee. 

    Bubble Tea 

    bubble tea

    Image courtesy; instagram

    Bubble tea also called Boba Tea is one of the best Taiwanese creation and just an amazing thing to sip on clicking cute pictures. This drink is definitely Instagramable and absolutely delicious with the tiny tapioca bubbles with milk tea. This tea has taken Instagram by storm with everyone posting pictures of their bubble teas. 

    These teas don't just come in one simple milk tea flavour but has a lot of amazingly yummy flavours from Matcha to Tropical delights. 

    Dalgona Candy 

    Dalgona candy

    Image courtesy; instagram

    Squid Game has hit the top most trending series on Netflix which definitely started the Dalgona Candy trend. In the series they use Dalgona Candy in a game where you have to take out the shape from the candy if not then you die! 

    This yummy candy game started a trend where people not just from Korea but all over the world are creating their own Dalgona Candy with either Squid Game shapes or their own creations! Hop on the trending train and make your own yummy delight. 

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    Pancake Cereal

    pancake cereal 

    Image courtesy; instagram

    Pancake cereals are another trend from the Lockdown days. This trend went viral on TikTok and Instagram for being so cute and delicious at the same time. Pancake cereal as the name suggests are tiny pancakes in a cereal bowl with milk and maple syrup. 

    You can easily make it with any pancake batter just make sure to make it small and dress it up with fruits or plain maple syrup to make it look cute for the Instagram. 

    Everything Is Cake 

    Everything is cake

    Image courtesy; instagram

    EVERYTHING IS CAKE! This trend is one of the feakiest trends from Instagram given how it makes you question what cake is and isn't. You must have seen people with knives cutting various objects which turn cakes in the end. Is this a flower case is a cake or not, no one will ever know unless you cut it (the left is cake and the rioght is not).

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    Black Foods 

    black food

    Image courtesy; instagram

    Black foods are just aesthetically so beautiful that Instagram had to make it into a viral trend. Ice cream shops started making black ice cream just because of this trend given how many people switched onto this black food trend. You can find aesthetically beautiful black ice cream, black bagels even black rice and many more yummy delights to munch on. 

    Homemade Bread 

    Homemade bread

    Image courtesy; instagram

    Breads! Bread galore was the title of this lockdown given how many people hopped on the breqd making trend showing off their bread baking and braiding skills online. Lockdown was all about making food at home which gave birth to so many food trends but no trend is as wholesome as the bread baking trend. 

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