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    Mimosas, The New Favourite Drink You Should Know About

    Mimosas and brunch dates go hand in hand, don't it? Most restaurants serve a mimosa as a complimentary drink and really, we do need them. 
    Updated at - 2021-09-26,15:00 IST
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    The word ‘mimosa’ originates from a flower which has over 400 varieties of shrubs and herbs. It is actually a Greek word ‘mimos’ meaning an ‘actor’ or a ‘mime’. The drink mimosa does justice to the word by giving a life to the concept of an event. Mimosas are a 1:1 ratio of champagne and orange juice, it is also made in a number of varieties unless mentioned. 

    The orange juice mimosa is a classic drink and we all love it. But do all  of us actually know where it came from?

    It has a number of places of origin, and we can’t just say it’s one place we found it at. We can only assume that the first time we heard it was in London, the Bucks fizz in 1921. They are more or less the same drinks thus interchangeable. There is a minor difference but yet there is some, so we still have to separate the two drinks. 

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    For a Bucks Fizz, you’ll need a 1:2 ratio of orange juice and sparkling wine. Whereas, for a Mimosa, you’ll require an equal amount, 1:1 ratio of the two. 

    4 years down the road, in 1925, a bartender in Paris, Frank Meier created mimosas by using sparkling wine. There is another popular story of the 1940s of that in San Francisco, and he had a major influence on the people with drink (try black lemonade). We can say he was the one promoting the drink all around and that’s how the drink gained popularity. 

    Here’s something interesting! There is a National Mimosa Day. 16th of May, 2021 is when it was declared that there is a national day for a special drink such as mimosa. We no longer need a reason to celebrate. Get your gang together and celebrate every lunch as a national mimosa day. 

    How to make a classic mimosa at home - 


    • Orange Juice 
    • Sparkling Wine 

    new mimosa recipe cocktail


    • Keep the flute glasses ready with half filled orange juice. 
    • Add the sparkling wine in the rest of the glass. 
    cocktail new recipe
    You can try making a simple variation too. 

    Mimosa Mojito -


    • Orange Juice 
    • Champagne 
    • Mint Leaves
    • Lime
    • Sugar or sugar syrup


    • Squeeze some lime juice, some mint leaves and sugar as per your prefernce into a cup and mix it well. 
    • Add orange juice and champagne in equal quantities in a fresh jar. 
    • Strain the mixture you made and pour it into the glass. 
    • Top it with some ice and mint garnishing. 

    You surely want to try this one on your birthday!

    Birthday Cake Mimosa -


    • Vanilla Frosting
    • Sprikles
    • Vanilla icecream
    • BirthdayCake Vodka 
    • Sparkling Rose Wine


    • Take a glass and whip a layer of frosting around the rim of the glass and dip it into the sprinkles for coating. 
    • Scoop up ice cream and pour it into the glass. 
    • Then add vodka accoring to your preference. 
    • Top it up with some sprinkles. 
    These 3 variations have been our summer favourites, what're yours? 

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