Taking a trip to de-stress or simply for the love of travelling has become crucial due to the lockdown. Our work from home lives and taking care of our families 24 by 7 has pushed many to the point where they simply want to get out but go somewhere where there are fewer people or can confine themselves in places amid good scenery. One such place is Mcleodganj, the abode of the 14th Dalai Lama. 

Plan a trip to Mcleodganj, a place which is well known for its peaceful atmosphere. It is not just about Buddhist monasteries but also meditation centres, Indi-Tibetan food, Tibetan handicrafts and some lovely cafes amid the hills. Here is a list of what all you can do here and around the town.

The Tibetan Institute Of Performing Arts

arts tibetan mcleodganj

Established by The Dalai Lama, the Tibetian Institute of Performing Arts is just a kilometre away from the Mcleodganj bus stand. It is a popular cultural institution which focusses on traditional Tibetan music, dance, culture, art and folk opera. 

Offer Prayers At Tsug La Khang

The sanctuary of the Dalai Lama is home to the Namgyal Monastery and many shrines of Buddha, Guru Rinpoche and Chenrezig. Art lovers flock here like bees to honey as you get to see several beautiful pieces of art. The monks at the monastery teach meditation,  the sacred arts, debate and philosophy.

Boating At Dal Lake

Not many know about this but it is true! McLeodganj has its own Dal lake. It is 3 kms away from the main town located amid mountains and deodar trees. The picturesque sight is perfect for some lovely refreshing pictures and you can also visit the Lord Shiva temple here. 

Trekking At Triund

trek mcleod

If you are a trek lover then you just cannot miss out on this opportunity. Trekking is a must when you are in Mcleodganj. An extremely famous 9 kms of trekking trail in Triund is a part of many checklists. It is a 9000 feet range that has a breathtaking view of the Kangra valley. You can start this trek either from McLeodganj or Dharamkot and either stay the night or simply go an experience the setting or the rising sun.

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The Cafe Life Of Mcleodganj

cafe mcleod

Now that we have talked about the must -do's, we cannot miss out on the cafe life here. There are many cafes and parlour and small joints here that offer comfort, good food, baked goods and lovely hot beverages with a view to soak in. Here are some of the cafes you must visit. 

Woeser Bakery

Locate the Black Magic restaurant and go down into the basement. You will be welcomed with some lovely brewed coffee fragrance which will beckon you to take a seat and just relax. You can also enjoy a chocolate-covered cherry at this warm bakery and treat yourself to some delectable carrot cake. It is affordable as it costs just Rs 400 (approximately) for 2 people.

Illiterati Books & Coffee

If you love Italian food and a good view, then head here. The place is run by a Belgian and you can read some books here. Sometimes they have a piano playing and you realise that you are slipping into the cosy ambience. Their coffee, Italian food and burgers are well known and are often made on a wood fire. This place too costs around Rs 400 for 2 people. 

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Seed Cafe

Offering a scenic view of the Dhauladhar range, this cafe is where you spend the evenings. The scrumptious desserts, live music, sandwiches and pancakes are a must-try. You can also indulge in some past during lunchtime and chit chat with your friends while nature provides the ambience in collaboration with the cosy cafe atmosphere. 

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There are many other cafes here but these are the ones I have visited and can vouch for a lovely experience. If you know of some more, do share with us on our Facebook page.

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