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    Best Places To Stargaze In India

    Enjoy the gorgeous gleaming sky full of dazzling stars in India at these places.
    Published -12 Oct 2021, 11:29 ISTUpdated -12 Oct 2021, 12:05 IST
    stargazing places in India

    Everyone enjoys the mystical feeling that comes with gazing at the gorgeous sky and dazzling stars. And if you're a stargazer or someone who has a fascination with watching the night sky, you've arrived at the right location. Take a trip to India's wonderful stargazing sites and be awestruck.

    1. Neil Island, Andaman Nicobar Island

    Neil Island looks absolutely stunning at night. Imagine looking at a big ocean surrounded by a gorgeous night sky with millions of gleaming stars. This is the kind of magical experience you'll have here. One interesting thing about the place is that the skies are not black at night, but of velvet blue colour, which makes the place look like a fantasy. Visit this place to experience a piece of heaven.

    • Best time to visit: October to February

    2. Rann Of Kutch, Gujarat

    rann of kutch

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    Visiting the Rann of Kutch at night is a sight to behold. The endless expanse of the white salt marsh in Kutch, Gujarat, has long been on the wish list of country stargazers. The panoramic view at dusk, when the moon begins to spread its light over the wilderness in all its glory, is a must-see for visitors. The sky shows every constellation, planet, and star like a bejewelled bride without the interference of light and pollution from vehicles.

    • Best time to visit: October to February

    3. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

    jaisalmer  star

    The Jaisalmer Stargazing is one of the many attractions that make Jaisalmer a traveler's dream. The exciting Thar Desert offers spectacular vistas of the dazzling sky with millions of dazzling stars.

    • Best time to visit: October to March

    4. Mathera, Maharashtra

    Matheran is a charming hill station in Mumbai famed for its well-preserved colonial architecture as well as its no-vehicle rule. Because there is less pollution, there is a breathtaking view of a gorgeous sky to die for.

    • Best time to visit: October to January

    5. Pangong Tso Lake, Ladakh

    pangong Tso Lake

    This stunning location is on everyone's bucket list for bike trips, trekking, and other travel milestones, as well as stargazing. With ice-capped mountains below and stars blanketing the sky, it can be an excellent spot for stargazers and photographers.

    • Best time to visit: June to September

    6. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

    At a height of 10,000–15,000 feet above sea level, stargazing in Spiti Valley is a fantastic experience. The view from the summit is very stunning, and it will make you experience total magical moments.

    • Best time to visit: March to July

    7. Coorg, Karnataka

    Coorg, located in the Western Ghats, is known for a variety of activities, including star viewing. The vista from the top of the valley is guaranteed to bring your life to a halt. Photographers are drawn to the area for night projects and travellers can treat themselves with some of the dazzling sights above.

    Have the time of your life at these locations and savour the magical moments you'll never forget.

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