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    Expert Shares Secrets To Make Your Butter Chicken Perfect

    Butter chicken is one of the most popular dishes in North India and here are some secrets by Chef Eshaan Nagpal to make your butter chicken perfect.
    Published -16 Aug 2021, 11:54 ISTUpdated -30 Nov 2021, 17:41 IST
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    Butter chicken is surely one of the best dishes in North India. Personally, I can have it every other day. However, it is not really easy to make at home and you might often feel that it doesn’t taste like you want it to.

    This might put you in a fix of what extra should be done. Therefore, we are to help you. Chef Eshaan Nagpal says, “I don’t believe that butter chicken is a dish. It’s an emotion. For a perfect butter chicken, all you need to do is choose all your ingredients carefully and make it with love.”

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    Read on to know about some more secrets to make the most perfect butter chicken that will give you a burst of flavours as soon as you put it in your mouth.

    Use Fresh Tomatoes

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    We often go for tomato puree to ease our burden a bit because let’s face it, making butter chicken is not an easy task. However, you should absolutely avoid using tomato puree and should always use fresh tomatoes. This is because only fresh desi tomatoes can give you the right blend of sweet and sour.

    You should also avoid using cherry tomatoes or the Italian ones or any other fancy tomatoes because Indian in us only connects to the desi flavours.

    Go Heavy On The Garlic

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    Put lots of garlic (health benefits of having garlic on an empty stomach) in your butter chicken along with some fenugreek. This is because garlic and tomatoes give out the flavour that nobody can resist. Also, a blend of the fragrance of garlic and smokiness of fenugreek will make everyone lick their plates.


    marination perfect butter chicken

    Marinate the chicken for a longer period of time. It is best if you marinate it overnight. Make sure it is juicy and tender on the inside as well.

    Dairy Ratio

    Ratio of tomato to dairy, which is cream and butter, should be kept at 80 to 20. Most people prefer it to be 60 to 40 or even 80 to 20. This will allow the rich flavours of tomato to be more dominant in the dish and also, allows you to eat more without the guilt as butter is in less quantity.

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    cashew perfect butter chicken

    As we are keeping our ratio of dairy less for more flavour of tomato as well as health concerns, therefore we have to use something else to make our gravy (ways to make thick gravy) creamier. Cashews are perfect for a creamy gravy. However, don’t add too much as you would do in a korma. Just add 100 g for a kg of tomato.

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    Balance It Out

    You have to make sure that every aspect of the dish is balanced out including sourness, sweetness and creaminess. It should be too sweet or too sour but the right blend of both. Also, too much texture can ruin your dish and no texture at all can make your dish feel like a thick tomato soup. Therefore, you have to make it the right amount of creamy for a fulfilling experience.

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    Smoky Flavour

    Smokiness is the key element of this dish. Whether the smokey flavour is due to the tandoori chicken or just because of smoking the gravy, it is necessary to keep a balanced amount of smokiness. 

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