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Uses & Benefits Of Onion Annd Garlic Peels

Here's why you shouldn't throw away onion and garlic peels. 
Published -16 Jul 2022, 17:21 ISTUpdated -16 Jul 2022, 17:35 IST
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Are you also throwing away onion and garlic peels, then you should stop immediately because they are actually useful. These two ingredients are something that are used in an Indian kitchen on a daily basis, therefore you might have a lot of peels. So, start saving them. 

Now that you know to save the onion and garlic peels, let us tell you why. Read on to know more about it. 

Benefits Of Onion & Garlic Peels

Both the ingredients are packed with the goodness of nutrients including minerals, vitamin A, C, E and antioxidants. 

Onion peels are actually a source of flavonoids which are known as quercetin and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

On the other hand, garlic peels have phenylpropanoid antioxidants that can reduce the bad cholesterol level, boost immunity, protect your heart and slowdowns ageing. Actually, when you remove the garlic peels, the garlic loses all its goodness. 

Uses Of Onion & Garlic Peels

benefits onion garlic peels

Smoky Flavour

Both onion and garlic are known to have a strong flavour and an alluring fragrance but did you know that dry roasting the peels of these two ingredients can give an amazing smoky flavour to your dishes, thus elevating your dishes immediately. This is actually a hack that restaurants don’t want you to know. 

You can dry roast onion and garlic peels till they are charred, grinded and stored in a container. Add this mixture to the dishes you prepare and this can give your food the perfect smoky flavour. 

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Nutritious Rice

Adding onion and garlic peels to rice can add bonus nutrition to the dish and extra vitamins. Also, they can add a nice aroma to your biryani or pulao. However, make sure to remove them from the rice after cooking. 

Mix Into Breads

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If you are a baker, then you should definitely know this trick. Mix a teaspoon of onion and garlic peels to your homemade bread dough. This will add mild flavour as well as nutrients to your bread. 

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Thick Gravy

If you add onion paste or grated onions to your curries, gravies or soups thick. However, adding onion peels to the soup or curry can increase the consistency as well as give it a thick texture. Remember to remove the peels using a spatula after cooking and enjoy your delicious curry or soup. 

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