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Picky Toddlers: What To Feed Your Toddler While Travelling

Read on if you are worried about feeding your kids while travelling.
Published -02 Jun 2022, 11:36 ISTUpdated -05 Jun 2022, 13:34 IST
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June is here which means summer vacations and this is the time when most families choose to travel. Who doesn't love to travel? However some people avoid it if they have little kids. They find it difficult to travel with kids, especially because of food.

Food is a major concern for kids especially if you have picky toddlers. However, you don't have to cancel your vacation plans worrying about your kids' eating habits because we are here with some wonderful ideas that will make your trip easy with your kids. 

Carry A Kettle

Whether you have kids or not, you should always carry a kettle with you while travelling. You can get some eggs from the market and boil them in the kettle for your kids. We are sure that your kid will enjoy a simple boiled egg. 

Not only this but you can also heat some water or milk for the kid. You can also use it to make tea and coffee for yourself. Also, you can make Maggi or other things for yourself if you also can't adapt to the food of the new place.

French Fries

french fries food toddlers travelling

All the kids love french fries and this is a blessing because you will get french fries anywhere. From a small kiosk to a 5 star restaurant, everyone sells french fries. Just order a plate of french fries for your toddler and you are sorted. 


fruit food toddlers travelling

You should carry some fruits with you as this is something that kids are used to eating even at home so they probably won't fuss about it and will also enjoy it. Also remember to carry a knife with you so that you can cut it for your kids and they can have it easily. If you didn't carry some along with you, then buy some at the destination. I'm sure fruits are available everywhere. 

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Juice Boxes

Kids will obviously make a fuss about drinking milk even on a vacation but they would surely need some liquid. Therefore, you should carry different flavoured juice boxes for your kids. The kids will love it and there won't be any spills. 


makhana food toddlers travelling

Carry different types of snacks that are tried and tested. You can carry chips, roasted makhanas, theplas, bread butter or any other on the go snack that your kid usually enjoys at home. However, make sure to go for tried and tested options.

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Give Them Whatever You Are Eating

Remember to make your kid taste whatever you are eating. You never know what your kid will like and enjoy having. Don't worry that you are eating junk food which will not be healthy for your kid because when you have less options, then your first priority should be filling your kids and healthy food should come second. Also, this way the kid will also adapt to the food and it will be easier for you in the future.

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