We have been using LPG gases in our kitchens for decades and we know how easier and faster it has made our lives. Back in times, people used various methods to prepare food that was time-consuming and hazardous to one’s health and our environment. But the discovery of LPG gas allows us to cook food in minutes, nothing less than a child’s play! 

However, are we using this gift in the best of its capacity? Probably not! Most us wastes too much of LGP gas and this leads to buying and investing money in them way too often. Since they are not cheap, it significant that we know simple tricks and hacks that can allow that cylinder in your kitchen to survive a little longer. Some of those tricks are:  

Cover The Entire Flame

Cover The Entire Flame

Do you think about placing a pan or pot correctly on the stove? We think not! The placement of the utensil is important. If it doesn’t cover the flame entirely, you are just wasting your LPG gas. If using a small pan, simmer the flame, so that the heat is only used to cook food in that pot. Anything outside the pot is just waste and will vanish up in the environment. This probably can be regarded as one of the biggest reasons for LPG wastage in the kitchens. Wondering that your pot will heat faster and will save your time is probably not true. Above that, you will also waste your hard-earned money! 

Clean Stove’s Burner

If your burning is showing any other colour flame than blue, this means that gas in the lines isn’t being used to its full potential. If your flame is red, orange or yellow in colour, you will need to clean it by soaking in water for a day or two. If this doesn’t solve the issue, it is best to change your burner. Just like your cylinder’s pipe, the burner must also be changed if it has become way too old. After all, there is no point in wasting money every month. Be smart and invest one time in a burner to resolve this issue for a really long time. 

Efficient Cooking Is Important 

Efficient Cooking Is Important

When we say efficient cooking, we don’t want you to cook less change your methods, but just becoming smart is the key. You must chop your veggies and meat into smaller pieces. They will cook fast and will taste better. Also, don’t forget to time yourself while preparing something that you know will take time. You don’t want that food to stay on your stove forever, while you indulge in other chores. You are not just wasting your LPG and money, but your time most importantly. 

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Use The Lid 

This probably is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to save LPG and money that you spend on it. Covering food with lid amplifies the cooking process (ways to cook efficiently). This happens because the heat and the vapour stay inside the vessel, allowing the food to not just cook from the heat that is coming from the flame, but also from the heat that is already present inside the pot itself. 

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Mind The Quantity 

Mind The Quantity

The more food you cook, the more time it will take to get ready. You don’t want to prepare an unnecessary quantity that you know will not be consumed. Therefore, try to cook less, which means according to your requirement. You can either prepare gravies that use daily once in three days and then just sauté your wholesome veggies (healthy vegetable rice cutlet recipe) in it. This will save you time and money. 

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